These artist’s mannequins hang out in this window all the time. The light was going through its twice a day magic period, and I had to crack open the window and grab a shot. Outside, it’s approaching dusk. Inside, lit by a single incandescent bulb (there are still a few of those left in my house – I will miss their warm light when they’re all gone, but I don’t buy them any more).


  1. Great shots! And this is really funny.. Looking forward on your nest shots..

  2. I love these guys. I love the way that they are positioned. It reminds me of a levi’s advertisement, I can just imagine them with little blue jeans on them.

  3. The one sitting seems to be seriously thinking of… stories can be created with your shot..

  4. Those “guys” are just chilling there…great photo,it reminds me of season 5 from skins.

    I think i’ll buy one of those and put it near my laptop.

    thank you for this great photo!

  5. How cute – looks like he’s holding up the window while she relaxes under it. Do you draw or paint as well, or just like the way they look?

  6. Nice shot! So funny how the mannequins are enjoying the view outside.

  7. How cool! Those look a lot more realistic than the ones I have… Mine are pretty old, though, so that’s probably why.

  8. I also have these toys when I’m small. It’s really good to reminisce old times :)

  9. Luke Audrey says:

    It used to be great fun to play with these Manequins when I was a kid. Making them stand in different postures, making them walk, making them sit the way I am sitting and just staring at them for hours was soo much fun. Now they are all gone and I really miss them at times but looking at other children play with them makes me smile.

  10. Manequins are a part of my life. I still have them at my office desk and on my table at home. They help me a lot when I am lonely. They are good to talk to at times when you need someone or if you want to remove your anger as they don’t reply back and just sits and listens to you.

  11. These remind me of the ones my mom used to have around when I was a kid… She used to paint, and she used these a lot! I always imagined that when we weren’t looking they had lives of their own, but would go still again as soon as we turned around.

  12. Raymond Winters says:

    I keep seeing these mannequins in my local hobby shop, and just walk right past them. Thanks for the article. You have inspired me to get hold of some mannequins and photograph them in (hopefully) amusing situations. All The Best

  13. This really is a great photo, and it is having many different stories in it, One of them is circling in my mind. The girl is calmly sitting and enjoying the weather outside while the boy is holding the window one handed for her, what a romantic scene. :)

  14. Really cool photo! I’ve always thought those little mannequins were cool looking, I even bought one for myself a few years back, despite the fact that I have no artistic talent haha

  15. Liked those mannequins a lot. They are the sign of creativity and beauty to me. These 2 mannequins have got some morals too I think. But all in all, the shot was taken from a great position.

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