Dandelion Seed

Very long exposure image of a dandelion head with just one seed left.

Closeup: Mushroom


Time for your closeup… This is a side view of a large white-cap mushroom. It was maybe five inches (13 cm) across.

Evolution is for quitters


Edit: I am leaving the original post below because it frames the conversation nicely… but this is NOT a tick (thanks, ADobson, for the heads up). It’s a pseudo-scorpion. Who knew? Not me! Yes, it’s a tick. Millions of years of evolution, and they haven’t really changed. These creepy crawlies have been doing it the […]

Tiny Snake


Four photos of a very small snake, we called it “Lucky.”

Crocus Macro


A macro photo of one of the Crocuses in my front yard.

Snowy Maple Macro


A single branch from a maple tree is crusted in snow.

Orchids (macro)


A macro shot of the orchids growing in my mother-in-law’s dining room.