How to levitate dice, in 58 easy steps.

1 to 57: Have your assistant gently throw the dice in the air, snap photo, fail.

Step 58: Same as steps 1-57, but omit the fail.

Sometimes persistence is what gets you the shot you want. This is one of those times.

Technical photo details: 1/200 second at ISO 400, f/8.0. Lighting: Nikon SB-900 flash image right shot through a translucent umbrella, power set to -1 2/3 stops.


  1. Hello J., I really need your opinion on a camera I’ve already bought! I am no expert, but I like photography. I got it on a Thanksgiving discount at $250. It’s a fujifilm finepix hs 20. What do you think about it? Is it anything good? Thanks!

    • I’m not familiar with the Fujifilm line.

      That said, this camera takes up to 11 images per second at 8 megapixels – so that’s pretty cool. It has image stabilization, so that’s nice for low light conditions with slower shutter speeds. Last, if you paid $250, that sounds like a pretty good deal (it’s currently over $350 most places). Sounds like a decent shutter for low dollars.

    • I have a Fuji FinePix s7000. I have to say at this price range was the best camera for me. Now i have also a canon 7D.

      I can say that my fuji its pretty “close”. Great optic and great pictures!

      Congrats James! Nice photo. From were you take your idees?

      • Mostly I just look at a LOT of other people’s photos for inspiration. I also play in a photography monthly scavenger hunt. You get twenty clues, and have to take pictures to match the clues.

        This photo was taken for the clue “against all odds.” I don’t think it’s a great match for the clue, but I’m very happy with the image. :)

  2. Currently, the only practical way for a human being to “levitate” is to be on (or in) a machine that utilizes either high-pressure air (like a hovercraft) or a magnetic levitation system (like a maglev train).

  3. Gladly I stumbled upon your post… The picture is really awesome.

  4. Another very artistic shot Lee! Though its not anywhere near what I thought about. I was expecting you doing the levitation trick like David Blaine LOL!

  5. You have really thrown the dice! Nice picture!

  6. Great picture, James! What camera do yuo use?

  7. digital anomaly says:

    Love your work especially this one, great concept!

  8. Thanks for sharing this inspiring photos..Love it..

  9. Wow, very stunning shot J, really love it. The emotion and the direct capture of attraction are there. Sharing this post is really great.

  10. Joe Le Merou says:

    Excellent shot !
    I’d love to have the same patient assistant you have when i’m trying stupid settings for my pictures :)

  11. olivia34newton says:

    Great picture. and not to mention it really captures the art.

  12. Very cool picture. Your motion pictures are always amazing…well, all your pictures are amazing. But this is so neat.

  13. Great photo! I’ve checked your other photos and you are really good! Congrats!

  14. It was really a great post, Every photo that take’s is very beautiful…

  15. CarmelaJones says:

    I agree, Every photo is very impressive. Thank’s for sharing this with us.

  16. Haha wow, 58 takes?! That must have been frustrating, but the result is fantastic! Awesome shot. You can’t tell if the dice are on their way up or down, so they appear to be suspended in the air, which I think is a really cool effect. Congrats!

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