Let there be Lighting

I had my camera with me for one of the sessions at the conference a couple weeks ago (we were receiving an award, so I wanted to grab a photo). Played around a bit and grabbed this shot while we were waiting to get started. In that morning’s session, Recycled Percussion performed to get the crowd warmed up, playing drums made out of plastic containers (and ladders, too). Do you remember this group from America’s Got Talent? They’re pretty good!

In response to some questions below, here’s a video of them performing the same piece:


  1. Cool photo! Looks like he’s going to land on the ladder, but in a bad way. How did they do?

  2. Diane @ Title Loans says:

    The lighting looks really cool. Were the lights blue or did the picture just come out that way? I saw these guys on youtube-they’re amazing!

  3. Jane Cooper @ lcd tv says:

    What was this performance about??? They were playing music or what?

  4. great lighting,photos looks like good

  5. Kris @ Auto Title Loans says:

    I love how all the colors came out in the 2nd photo. Were they sort of like STOMP the Musical?

  6. jimmy @ protector 4 says:

    quality photography,very quality

  7. Cool colors! Neat shot that you got of him in mid-air! So did they get to continue?

  8. Kim @ themafeestjes says:

    Wow! That lights photo is an amazing shot! Love how you captured that!

  9. Andy C. says:

    I like the blue lights shot in the picture. Percussion seems nice but acrobatics is very cool. The guys must be good with those ladders.

  10. These guys were really cool! I can’t believe they were playing the drums on the wall. Very cool photo

  11. Carlos @ multivitamin burk says:

    Looks like a great preformance! Sure you had a blast and yeah nice picture.

  12. Carla @ Foto Album Digital says:

    I always like to take photos in different lights mode… first time in my life when i started to do photography at that time I went to do photography for one dance show.. and there were i felt so difficulty to take photos in red light atmosphere… but now I learned about to take photos in different lights.. so now it is not difficult for me like before..

  13. Dani @ BJJ Santa Monica says:

    I can’t believe you saw them live! I saw their performance on TV and these guys were crazy! Were you able to snap any other photos of the show?

  14. Kim @ vliegende lampions says:

    The blue lights on the dark background somehow give a romantic impression to this photo. I’ve seen a similar performance once, not by the same band though, and I absolutely loved it.

  15. Dr. George Suarez @ high intensity focused ultrasound says:

    I can’t remember where I saw these guys, maybe on the news or the computer but I saw a glimpse of them. It pretty great too see people doing unique things and creating something artistic, like this. It just adds more to it. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Karen @ SEO Los Angeles says:

    This is just incredible! These people are so talented.

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