Let me eat cake

No, really, I’d like a slice.

Red velvet cake, as interpreted by Costco, in this photo. The cake was so pretty, and I took a bunch of photos, but wasn’t totally pleased with any of them. This was the best of the bunch… and the cake was delicious.

Happy birthday, Sheila – thanks for leading the way. I’m right behind you… with my “over two decades” in contact centers.


  1. Think the picture looks delicious. Now I need something sweet. lol

  2. I always go for the red velvet when it’s an option at weddings. It’s been a few months since we shot a wedding, so I’ve been cake deprived for a while now.
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  3. Now this made me hungry. I think I might look for a slice of velvet cake too. It’s been a while also that I haven’t bought a cake and you just made me decide to ask my mother to bake one for us. This can’t be overrated. I believe from the bunch of photos you took this is the most pleasing one.

  4. hmmmm! Absolutely yummylicious! Seeing this cake makes me feel really really hungry. =) I used to have blueberry cheesecake in my coffee time. Well, for a change I want to try red velvet cake soon.

  5. “Let me eat a slice” also…this looks delicious…I hope you can add the recipe…I’m not into baking but if given the chance and if the recipe is right there beside me, I will surely bake this cake first on my list. Well, I love the color, I know it tastes good as well.

  6. Sadly, no recipe to share… unless there’s a Costco store near you – then you can go buy one. :)

  7. Wow! That photograph makes me hungry! I may just have to go and purchase a red velvet cake for lunch today.

  8. In all actuality, I’ve never had red-velvet cake in my life. It looks delicious, despite the food poisoning I just got over. But what does it taste like?

  9. I can’t really describe it… I think you just have to try it!

  10. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    So yummy… I like to taste this one :D

  11. Mmmmmmmm…red velvet. I love getting my red velvet cupcakes from this little cafe every Friday evening. I just had my fix, but seeing this makes me want another one!

  12. Red Velvet cake is my wife’s favorite cake. I’m not a big fan of it and feel like everyone likes it because someone else likes it. Hahha. I prefer good ‘ol pumpkin pie anywhere and anytime.

  13. My worst best friend. I love red velvet cake, but it’s so bad for me because of the dye and calories. Mmm…this looks delicious!

    • If it helps any, the original red velvet cake recipes used beets, and that’s where the color came from. So if you can find authentic red velvet, there’s no dye. :)

  14. Mmm I love red velvet. My favorite is a cupcake from Sprinkle’s Cupcakes – nothing else hits the spot quite the same way!

  15. Oh my goodness I LOVE red velvet cake…so addictive!! I don’t think I’ve had one from Costco, but I’ve had it from grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries…and I’ve made it before, too. The only thing is when I bake it looks like I murdered someone in my kitchen.

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