Leaping Fawn

A young deer leaps into the underbrush in this image.

I don’t normally post photos I consider a bust, but every time I look at this I like it a little more. While I’m not a fan of images with blur added by camera movement, in this case, it works well with the young deer rushing into the forest.


  1. As a photographer myself I was a little shocked to see that you put up a blurred photograph. In our world every blur and shake, results in a BAD photograph and a wrong done on our side. But I would also like to add that the reason you gave 100% justified it. The deer and the act of running are made even more real, by this picture and what it conveys. The world seems that way when the deer runs, the pace it is at as well as the hurry it seems to be in. Must now agree as well, that the more that you look at the picture the more it appeals and seems real. Congrats on a lovely picture.

  2. The picture reminds me of a film, the movie camera if it were shooting a film will most definately take the shot like this. Lovely realism that has been brought in, love it. Think you should enter this picture in a competition, will do well. Is one of my pictures of 2011. The thing I like about your blog is that it is different and refreshing from other blogs. People write big, lengthy blogs and still struggle for the clearity that you have managed to get through your photograph. Was great to see, the depth your photograph conveyed. It proved that pictures speak a thousand words.

  3. This is an unusual picture. Running deer into the forest picture seems very real. As if we are looking at actual deer running into the forest. This is truly the magic of blur effect. Never thought blurring effect could do such wonders! Good job! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Like Jack and David said I also enjoy the blur in this photograph adds the sense of realism watc hing the little deer run. Great photo my friend.

  5. Blur effect of the photo has given has taken the photo to a different level. It makes a normal picture a realistic image. This has given a new dimension to the photography. Even I’ll try out such innovations in my photography. Must say truly an unusual picture!

  6. After seeing this picture and going through the pictures that you have put up, am waiting for a stellar picture of 2012. I would suggest that you try clicking pictures of things maybe in your surroundings or even in your own home and since you have the eye, even the ordinary will be captured in an extra ordinary way. Looking forward to great pictures from you in this new year, please upload them soon. Cheers.

  7. This picture looks like a painting. It’s beautiful. Blur = nice touch! :)


  8. Very interesting photo, I love photos that you have to really stare at to decide if you like it, and I did like it the more and more I looked at it. Anything unique in the photography world is very fun to see.

  9. This picture totally works blurry…the vividness of the green, along with the brown contrast of the deer and last but not least his spots makes this very visually interesting.

  10. I normally don’t appreciate blurred images but this image definitely caught my attention. Was this intentionally done?

  11. Alexandra says:

    I love this picture..Is really looks magic…Thanks for sharing this to us…

  12. What I like is that you captured the movement ?

  13. Wow! What an action shot. I feel like you have taken a picture of my dreams.

  14. I hope to see new photos this new year. I am really fascinated with beautiful photographs. At least you don’t really focus on beautiful scenery and take advantage of a beautiful background. The details is the thing that made you different from others.

  15. Superb pic. Its blur but timing of photo shot is perfect. Good work

  16. Its a beautiful picture. I just love the blurry effect. Although I know its not an added effect but caused due to camera movement, it still pretty attractive. It makes you feel the rush the deer must be going through to enter the forest.

  17. I’m so glad you posted this – definitely not a ‘bust’ as you say! The colors and action in this are so incredible. I could picture this blown up and framed on my wall. :)

  18. I usually don’t like camera blur either, but I totally agree with you. It works in this photo, giving it even more movement. It feels like the deer is flying through the woods. Another great shot, thanks for sharing!

  19. Lol I think you really nailed it in the description. At first glance this just looks like a blurry shot of a deer, but the more I look at it, the more I like it too! The background kind of all washes together, and it makes it seem like the deer is moving super fast. Pretty cool result actually, I’m glad you decided to post this one!

  20. I never thought that blur picture will do much better than the normal picture. I never keep blur pictures of mine or my friends and family because I never liked such images but when i looked at this picture, I had no idea what is the use to keep blur picture and I was just staring at the image and suddenly I felt that the deer is still running. The picture has some magic in it which is cannot be explained.

  21. john pruskowski says:

    Very cool pic of a nice animal … a little blurry, but I still think it is a great picture.

  22. I echo the previous comments. I think in our quest for perfection as photographers we forget that perfection doesn’t equal interesting. It’s the imperfections that often make for more interesting images. Thanks for posting!

  23. Even if the photo is blurred it was nice. Let’s not talk about the quality now, let’s talk about what he captured.

  24. Good Work ! It feels like the deer is flying through the woods. Another great shot, thanks for sharing!

  25. You’ve posted so lovely photographs on this site but this is by-far the most amazing. The fact that you were even quick enough to capture this shot is incredible! Unbelieveable work on your behalf.

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