Lean to the Light

V is growing some flowers in a little pot. Every morning she rotates them, because the day before they’ve leaned all the way over toward the window, and she wants them to grow up strong… so they start the day rotated away, leaning away from the light, and by the end of the day, they’re facing the window again because they’re leaning the other direction.


  1. Jane Cooper says:

    Wow, i’ve never noticed that flowers may do something like this! Btw. how did you do that background is black??

  2. What a wonderful picture! I love how the background is entirely black (did you use a backdrop?) and the subtle play of light on the flowers!

  3. Are those clovers? I remember doing an experiment when I was younger and fascinated by the way the plants grow toward the light. Best of luck to her and her little babies ?

    • Not clovers – they just haven’t grown their larger leaves. You know how many plants first leaves are shaped like the seed they came from? I think it’s like that.

  4. It’s amazing how the “non-human” objects in life, actually are human-like. Plants are smart and know what they need in order to survive. However, if “going towards the light” is a sign of death, then “Keep away of the light!!”

  5. I love that though the picture is quite dark with the black background and shadows, you were still able to catch the green of the plant so well. It makes it look so alive in a place that looks so lifeless.

  6. I agree with Ashley- it’s interesting that “going toward the light” is typically a sign of the end. When, in this case, it’s a sign of life. Funny how things work out like that…

  7. I love having plants in my kitchen and bathrooms. They bring a sense of peace, until they die ? Seems like your plant knows how to stay alive. Have you tried attaching a piece of wood or stick so stems can grow straight?

  8. Awesome shot. Rotating the plant reminds me of the movie Leon the Professional and how he would care for his plant, water it, as well as rotate it everyday in the window.

  9. I also love plants and I do really appreciate this picture. I have also plants like this inside my house. It’s really cool seeing plants living in their own way towards sunlight. I usually talk to my plants after office and I found peace in mind after doing it. Plants are like animals they can be your best-friend too.

  10. I love what Ashley stated in her comment. I was simply going to say how alive this plant looks.

  11. This reminds me that I forgot to water my plant this morning…oopsie! It’s almost like the stems are reaching for the light and know that they need it in order to survive. Nice pic.

  12. Nice picture. Is the light on the petals from the window or from your camera?

  13. I like the picture. It is simple but it looked very nice. I like the little plant on the left because it really lean into the light.

  14. nice:) i loved black background, it makes the subject more vibrant:)


  15. This picture is very calming to me. What’s the name of this plant? I think I want to get one for my window sill. Just hope my dog doesn’t try and eat it >.<

  16. Nick Zantop says:

    Great photo. We always have to rotate the plants on our windowsill every few days because they will start leaning to one side. Pretty neat to see how plants respond to sunlight, sometimes even in just one day.

  17. Plants especially the little ones on their growing phase will always do tricks like this, leaning to where the light is. ? That photo is very beautiful, it’s like it has a lot of hope in it. ?

  18. A photo about photo-tropism (biological response to light). Get it?

  19. Interesting how plants work to survive. I also heard that stroking the stems or leaves will help the plant grow faster. I wouldn’t stroke them too hard since they look skinny and fragile.

  20. beatiful flowers!

  21. I am just a beginner in photography.I must say that this photo is really a beautiful image of plants.I like that photograph very much.I like the way you have taken this photograph

  22. Nice contrast and composition. Simplistic art!

  23. Nice image, figuratively, creatively and on screen. I think we could all learn from the little plant … lean into the light … lean into the light.

  24. love it, the the plants visibility decrease from left to right, perfect black background too.

  25. Great photo. It’s neat that they know what to do in order to survive. Thanks for sharing this-I like it ?

  26. I love plants too, plants are like human they feed themselves in order to survive but it needs us our care and concern because they are very important to our mother nature. Good manifestation of this plant and great photo as well.

  27. It makes me chuckle to think of these little plants leaning one way and than another. Seems that they are very determined and know what they want.

  28. Akilah Machon says:

    So true, I love that picture actually and it is capture quite good. Love the word lean to the light, capture things that leans to the light..

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