Street Lamp

This photo of a lamp on a building is the kind of thing that makes me wish for some way to elevate my lens when I’m on a photo walk. I like the picture, but if I could just have taken it from ten feet higher, the angle would be that much better.


  1. Those little radio-controlled helicopters that photographers use to take aerial shots have always appealed to me – except for the risk of losing a camera…

  2. I think the angle is good. Notice how the corner of the building from this angle is creating leading lines that point upwards? If the lamp subject was closer to the top of the frame with more leading lines from the building underneath…it may bring out a new concept to the same photo.

  3. Candice Hull says:

    The photo is still beautiful. You really capture the corner of the building perfectly. Perhaps, if you capture the lamb on the other angle you can get another wonderful photo.

  4. Ronald,

    I’ve always been an avid fan of your photography. Since when did you decide to venture into photography by the way? The lamp looks sad but there seems to be a hidden message.


  5. Jhoanna Lyncon says:

    I just like how you capture photos. Are you a professional photographer? You inspire me on my photography as well. You have an amazing photo.

  6. Such a rustic look; I think it’s the colour of the lamp itself as well as the brittle and falling grill that makes this image so appealing in my eyes. The background of bricks only adds to the gritty feel. Love it.

  7. Hanna Ross says:

    This is very interesting photo. You really make me think about this photo.

  8. You’re a wonderful photographer. I wonder how many walk past that lamp each day and don’t even consider the beauty you captured within it.

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