One of the lambs now living at J & F Farms. They sound almost fake when they “baaaaaaaaaah” at you.


  1. For the record to all photography fans, fear not, for James did not take this picture. I did. We were just so overcome by the cuteness of these lambs that he posted my iPhone shot anyway. They really do sound like a child’s toy imitating a lamb sound when they go,”baaaahhh.” Definitely giggle worthy!

  2. Still amazing shot, Claire. :)

    Now I suddenly remember the farm of my grandmother. :)

  3. # 1 fan says:

    say what?? I think it’s a great shot, well positioned and I’m sure the aperature and focus were calculated w/ great care and etc etc… lol.

  4. This is an amazing shot. The lamb is looking so innocent. Perfectly taken shot. :)

  5. Barbara Aniston says:

    Lamb is so cute. The lamb is so innocent on the photo.

  6. =)) so cute. muhaa

  7. Jeremiah Ozment says:

    I think Claire we need few more such wonderful clicks from you! We have been watching James pictures here, So now tell him to take some time off and you take the camera, I think you did a splendid job with this pic!

  8. I want to introduce this cute lamb to my kids. The lamb in the photo is really cute.

  9. The lamb is looking too cute! Well, amazing photography by you Lee! It feels like I am watching lamb in real in front of me! Super!

  10. Cute lamb isn’t she? Well, I had once visited to county & there I saw flock of lambs there! I tell you, they were so adorable! Their innocent facial expressions also were worth noticing!

  11. Sarah Smith says:

    Great shot! It is so cute and ironic, because my son is called “Lamb”, I will definitely be showing him this!

  12. The lamb is looking so adorable. It is just so very cute, i feel like taking it home so that I can play with it. It is looking so innocent. The way you photographed him is so marvelous. You just brought out the lovable side of the lamb in this photo. A pretty photo by a pretty lady. Keep on clicking such awesome pictures.

  13. The lamb is so picturesque! She doesn’t feel like she is a photograph! I feel I am sensing a real time to it! Splendid! Good to know Lee, you love animals the most ?

  14. Claire you too are a very talented photographer like James. Just a little more training and some lessons on the way to handle camera and you will be one of the best there is. The most important thing in photography is to be able to capture the natural innocence and beauty of anything which you are able to do so beautifully. Just loved your work.

  15. Jesus N. Pettit says:

    They really do sound like a child’s toy imitating a lamb sound when they go

  16. the lamb looks so so innocent…its one of the best pics that I found on your website (the one in which a cat was there was also really good)

  17. I really like this photo. The look on the lamb is like a bit mischievous.

  18. Shelbie Loni says:

    The photo is really fantastic. The lamb is perfectly captured.

  19. Anamarie Zach says:

    I like to build a photography blog site and I capturing photo like this is very important to me since it is really nice.

  20. I’m a sucker for animals, always have been really, but this lamb takes cute to a new level. What a fantastic shot! I don’t know if it’s the lamb or the photo itself but something is telling me if that gate was opened up, that little lamb would cause some mischief! :)

  21. She’s a cutie. Thanks for sharing. I love farm animals.

  22. A little trouble-maker I bet! Such an adorable shot. This could easily be my favourite piece of your work that I’ve seen so far.

  23. That’s a funny shot…lots of character! I took some shots of the sheep at a local petting farm I went to last weekend. They’re always willing to pose!

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