This jester sculpture is actually part of a lamp – it resides at a relative’s home, and I see it once every couple of years or so. Last time when I tried to photograph it, I didn’t have as nice of a camera, and in the soft light, the image turned out blurry because I couldn’t hold the camera still enough. This time, I’m much happier with the results.

Sorry for the delay between posts – but with Hurricane Irene and all the preparations both at home and at work (I’m in insurance), there’s been a lot to keep me away from photography.


  1. Incredible depth. Brings the face expression nearly to life. Very serious harlekin here…

  2. Hi I really love the antique sculptures and the antiques. I always have a note on such articles. I India I have come across most of the temples are really ancient. I always feel ancient is always the best ones I love them .
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  3. uau..almost creepes me out…i feel that statue looking at me…


    and don’t worry it was worth waiting for the photo…and take care there,good luck!

  4. What a beautiful lamp! Is it an antique? I’m glad you had your camera this time!


  6. the red background added some drama to the statue that why it looks a bit big is this in real life?

  7. It would have been nicer if they put some color on the mask. I like the contrasting colors of wood brown and read. Great shot as always :)

  8. Hope Irene didn’t affect you too much – are you right there in the middle of it? My prayers are on the East Coast!!

    • Thanks, Sara.

      I’m far enough north that she really only cost me some extra gasoline. I own a generator, so when we were out of power for three days, we didn’t have any food spoil. One tree branch came down, but no property damage, and no one got hurt.

      Blessings all around.

  9. Hi, I really never thought that its part of a lamp shade, but anyway, its a great picture taken by a great photographer like you.

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Awesome shot!

  11. Cool! Do you have any pictures of the whole lamp? I’d love to see what the shade looks like.

  12. This is so awesome statue.. It is like a real person looking at me.. Thanks for the post! Love to visit here more often..
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  13. I really like this shot! Being so close it makes the jester feel really important, and I love that his face is the only part in focus, it makes him seem like a real jester lol. Really well done!

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