I can’t even say the word “jelly” these days without thinking of the sea turtles from Finding Nemo.

Still… not that kind of jelly. I was looking for something soft to shoot for the clue “soft spot” in the monthly scavenger hunt, and this is what I came up with.


  1. Hmmm…. very delicious. Man i can’t wait to eat it and its a human desire that likes sweet things. Thanks for making me hungry……

  2. # 1 fan says:

    that is so not a fair picture!!! well, very “fair” in a certain sense…. but without tastes all round, not in the other!! lovely seeds in the jam (I think, technically, jelly doesn’t have seeds :) – gotta find something to gritch about so I don’t go out and buy one!! BUT – Krispy Kreme is just down the hill….
    hmmmmmmm, I have some errands to run……………………….. C ya!

  3. AVF @ Picket Fences says:

    This picture has really started to feel myself hungry as i am thinking that i should go to eat something like this that can satisfy my tubby. Thanks for increasing my sweet hunger…

  4. Vishal @ Witney Accountants says:

    it really is..the doughnut looks yummy..specially with the leaking red jelly streak..

  5. Thanks a lot!!! It looks to damn delicious and I don’t know where I can get donuts at this moment :-s
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  6. This looks really good, and now I want a donut (or doughnut, as I think it doesn’t matter how you spell it, since all end in same place…tummy. lol). Unfortunately, I don’t have any and we are stuck on our hill. I do think have some cinnamon rolls, though. Think I will go make some. ;)

  7. Great…and i’m on a diet, too….thanks a lot!!!

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