It’s a…what?

What do you see here?

Is it a tasty treat? Or something more macabre?

The dog said it was delicious, but the rest of us thought this pop-over looked an awful lot like a miniature skull.


  1. It looks exactly like a skull. Did your dog think it was a bone? ha/ha

  2. It actually does look like a skull but its size made me think it was in fact edible. I might just have to head to the kitchen in a moment… It is amazing what we can do with cameras though.

  3. It looks like a skull, but I do not know the fact I am hungry right now but I think it really is a muffin. A piece of bread Yummy! I might be wrong though.

  4. Looks like a tasty and macabre treat! LOL. But when I first saw it I actually thought it was some miniature carved skull.

  5. It looks like a tasty skull to me.haha. But the first thing that came out into my mind when I saw it is a dirty one, you know what I mean. Great post! Keep on posting.

  6. it is loo like a skull………

  7. Wow that so much like a mini Hamlet skull. I see a well developed jaw line and the eye stockes are perfectly made. Even the nose is coming out.

  8. Definitely looks like a mini skull to me. This was a dog treat? It almost looks like it was intentionally sculpted that way.

  9. It does look like a skull, and in the lighting it looks more like an Agate rock than a popcorn kernel. Good thing dogs will eat just about anything, huh?

  10. A baked potato skull, I think. Hmm, I’m hungry now…

  11. Oh wait, on second thought it looks like a Yorkshire pudding skull. Now, I’m even hungrier!

  12. Yeah it does look like a skull, but i think it`s dog food. It is a picture taken with macro i guess.

  13. what is that? a cake?

  14. hey James
    It has been a while:)
    How are you doing?
    Happy New Year to you :)

    and it is a miniature skull:P but I like the reaction of your dog- “yes, it looks like a skull…so what?”

    have a great day

  15. Definitely look like a skull for me !

    Well i guess the most important is that the dog liked it ;)

  16. its looks like a skull. but i cant figure it out what it exactly is?

  17. I guess it’s kind of a donut, but I agree it looks as a scary skull ;D Your dog is probably less suspicious))

  18. Alec Rowan says:

    What exactly is that?
    My family has two puppies and I’m sure they would love it, how do you make it?

  19. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    It really looks like a skull at first. :D

  20. Looks like a tasty treat, a hallowen one :))

  21. Looks like a tasty treat, a hallowen one :) )

  22. That does look like a skull! At first I thought it was a tooth, then clicked on it and it definitely wasn’t a tooth. What was this? A doggy treat in the shape of a skull?

  23. So…what was it? Piece of the doggy bone? Treat? A baby skull?

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