ISA Brown

One of the girls – an ISA Brown chicken from the flock that roams my property.

I cropped the this photo down some because the detail was so nice… not something I normally do.

Do you see what is reflected in her eye? No, it’s not me…


  1. It would be such nice shot if focus would be in the center of it’s eye.

    Is it some building in the reflection?

  2. Cool shot! I love looking at your photos (they help get me through my workday :) ), but also because I’m starting to get a little into photography myself. Your subject matter is a very interesting choice. When I took a modernism class in college, I remember talking about photographers and how they develop an essence in their subject matter and shots – the more I look at photography, the more I find this to be true. I like the essence in your photos.

    • Thanks, Chelsea. I think I’m still trying to develop my vision. I’m leaning towards being a “close up” photographer. I like photos that show a small portion of the whole. Details that show more than you’d normally see, but suggest the rest of the image by their presence. My next post will be of a flight of stairs, and you’ll see that in that image, too. It’s not an entire staircase, but the photo suggests a lot about the house.

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m just a guy who likes taking pictures, and it’s nice to get such feedback.

  3. Peter & rose hudson says:

    Thanks for the lovely photo. We have just purchased Iso Brown hens and cannot find the breed

    anywhere. Are they a hybrid? Do you know if they lay well? As your picture shows they are

    Thankyou…….. Rose.

    • Rose, I’m sorry… I got it wrong. My vowels were all mixed up.

      It’s an ISA Brown, not ISO. That should make it easier to find information. Yes, it’s a hybrid. It’s a mix of Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White. The flocks are usually a muddled bunch, some more white than red, some more red than white.

      They are, in theory, good layers, but my girls are still pretty young. They just started laying about ten days ago, so I get two eggs a day from 5 ISA Browns and one Barred Rock. We picked up an Americana on Monday, but she’s much younger, so it will be a while until we have any green eggs.

      Here’s the Wikipedia article for more…

  4. I can JUST make out the shape of something that’s reflected… Is it the chicken coop? Or your house maybe? The top looks like a triangle of a roof… I hope I’m close. :)

    • Sara, you nailed it. That’s my house… we took the photo in the drive way after work a few days ago.

      • This reminds me of those little puzzles in the kids’ magazines at the doctor’s office when I was younger – when they’d zoom in on something silly like a household object and you had to guess what it was… I was usually right on!

        • You are so right Sara!
          I loved those games. Wish that they would make those of adult offices too. Maybe you can make one James. I would love to see your work in a book.

  5. Great shot, but I gotta say it was a little disconcerting opening the page and having a chicken so up close staring me in the eye…. lol

  6. Love the detail and the colours are so crisp, I wonder what’s going on in that chickens mind, hmmm ;)

  7. Waw i never saw a chicken near me like that haha (it’s a bit scary)
    Great photo !!

  8. Chicken is scary!!!! Great photo. Bravooo!!!

  9. That is one fierce chicken! I see a reflection of a box or a building in her eyes. Great photo, nice timing and strategy. Usually chickens don’t like people getting close to them like that.

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brown chicken – and if I have, I probably thought that the coloring made it a rooster! Cool photo, either way.

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