New Mexico Road

I have posted other photos from New Mexico, as I have family there and find my way there more than anywhere else I travel. This was from a trip to the Land of Enchantment in March, and I went for a six mile run outside of Taos. As you can see, I pretty much had […]

iPhone 4

Black and White week continues, with today’s photo of an iPhone 4. I like the packaging Apple is using this day, and it made for an interesting subject.

Lunch time blogging

Here is a little experiment. As the line between phones, cameras, and computers blurs with each generation of smart phones, I thought I’d try the WordPress iPhone ap to see what a blog post looks like from the company cafeteria. With that in mind, I present you Ronny’s version of a personal pizza with buffalo […]

iPhone 4 Antenna Solution

The fool proof way to fix your iPhone 4’s antenna.

Apple Core

This photo explores the interior of the Apple iPhone 3Gs… and what it looks like after you throw it in the sink.

Broken Countour case

This is the second Countour case I’ve owned for my iPhone. This is the second one where the clip broke. Argh.