iPhone 4

I took this photo because I like where Apple has gone since they first started selling the iPod. My first iPod was in cube roughly 8 inches (20 cm) per side. These days, the box is almost as small as it can be and still hold a cord, the plug, ear buds, and the phone itself.

As for its black and white treatment, I took this photo on a cheap hotel table, with the color of the table top adding nothing to the image. Here I was able to amp the contrast, and take away from the table top, which was distracting in full color.


  1. Well, this one is cool and wish to have one. Still got no cash to buy. But I do have an Ipod shuffle, and its been with me like for more than a year already. And by the way, about the black and white thingy, it is simple but it catches my eyes. Anyway, nice post you have here. Keep on posting.

  2. Great picture – and probably nice choice going B&W as well, I guess you’re right about the table top not adding anything to the overall image.
    Klaus recently posted Flash coming to iPhone & iPad … ish!

  3. I like how Apple organizes the boxes of their products. Look at this picture, such a nice, simply clean arrangement. Plus the phone is not that bad either. Might get it with a renewal of my contract. Great B&W picture, nicely done.

  4. Cheap hotel table? Was I there? Wait – don’t tell me…

  5. …while you were sleeping. :)

  6. The black and white looks very nice.

  7. I agree, very nice design, I would love to buy an iphone like this but I heard there was a problem with the network reception on the iphone 4. James, do you know if it was fixed ? I have never seen an Iphone black and white like this before, does anyone know where I can buy it ? Thanks for this post.

  8. I left my 3G at the grocery store 2 days ago and it was not turned in. I can’t afford to buy another one until the end of this month. I was going to buy the 3GS because of the price but started thinking maybe I should invest the extra $100 and go for the 4. I had pretty much convinced myself but now after reading the above, I’m back on the fence! I have 10 days to decide! :O

  9. Um… okay… seven days left. I’ve owned the 3Gs and the 4…. if I had the option tomorrow to buy one or the other, I’d buy the 4. If it was an extra hundred bucks; ouch. I would hope I had time to save it. The 4 is a solid unit – much better than the 3Gs, and the 3Gs is good.

    I’m a photographer. Amateurish? Sure… but learning and improving. The quality of the camera on the iPhone 4 is better than many point-and-shoot stand alone cameras that cost more than the phone. It’s crazy how good the pictures are coming off of a cell-phone.

  10. I think the black and white treatment really added to the picture. As you mention above, Apple’s design is all about minimalism. The black and white photo speaks to that.



  11. give me now

  12. I think that Black and White decision underlines the status of iPhone. It doesn’t need to have many colors to stand out. And the knowledge of the contrast between Apple devise and cheap table adds some kind of irony to the photo.

  13. I love the picture in black and white.

  14. Apple do really simple things and really good quality this is why i like Apple stuff :)
    I’m waiting for my iPhone 4G, and can’t wait for same view :ddd

  15. You captured very well this pic and I just love iPhone I got apple ipod but not iPhone but i will definitely get it.

  16. Very nice picture taken and edited nicely. I think the iPhone box is the main focus of this image, If the focus would have have been iPhone then the table might have already got blurred.

  17. Unfortunately, I haven’t jumped on the iPhone bandwagon. I’m quite happy with my Blackberry thank you very much :) What did you have before the iPhone 4?

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