iPhone 4 Antenna Solution

I know the uproar has died down some, what with Apple finally admitting that they needed to do something about the quite real antenna problem. Sorry Steve, I dial with my right hand, and that means the phone is in my left hand. My experiments at holding the phone differently led me to believe I was going to drop it.

We all know what happens when you drop a glass phone.

So I was stoked when Steve Jobs agreed that it was in his best interest to buy me a new case.

Now I can take the duct tape off.


  1. ha! I’ve had this phone for a while and gotta say I haven’t had any issues. I did order a free case, but I think I’m gonna turn it into a tripod mount rather than have it on all the time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is amazing how duct tape can be applied in the awkward situation from tail lights on cars to sneaker reinforcement. This is a good one for the iphone antenna problem.

  3. Amazing Photo…

  4. Well, I think the duct tape shot is a good addition to your gallery collection. Congrats on getting a new case for your iphone to :) … And next time, hold onto it a bit tighter so it doesn’t fall and crack.. lol

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  6. Huh, that’s weird… I’ve left comments here before and never had my name edited.

    Did you leave a real name the way the comment policy says?
    Gomez recently posted Saturday Silliness- Mean Kitty!

  7. Well, now, I’m not sure that’s really the way this works.

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  10. i love the photo so much.. it is so clear! time for you to change the casing of your iPhone

  11. I am not feeling well , because i don’t have these phone. And that photo looks the real beauty of these phone.

  12. Damn! It’s sleek. The photo is crispy!

  13. funny guy, better to change your mobile panel.. so that only we are all purchased Nokia phone. strong manufacturing. and at the same cheep wit good quality.

  14. amazing how duct tape can be applied in the awkward situation from tail lights on cars to sneaker reinforcement. This is a good one for the iphone antenna problem.

  15. Does it help with dropped calls, too? Sorry, I just know so many people that have had problems with their iPhones and not getting service, dropping calls, and generally not working. When is the iPhone 5 coming out? I hope it doesn’t need a “case” for service, either!

  16. This answers my previous question on your other iphone post. Nice decal you had going on there. Good thing you upgraded to a case. It looks like a sad phone.

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