Interactions 2011

Interactions 2011

While this blog is traditionally a photo blog, and will continue to be a photo blog, there is that last word in the header. Let your eyes wander upwards… after the word photography?


So this is one of those rare “journal” posts.

I’ll be traveling to the NICE Interactions 2011 Global Users’ Conference in Las Vegas next week, where I will be giving a presentation titled “Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks: Best Practices for NICE IEX Work Force Management Users.” Okay – clearly, naming working sessions is not my specialty… but if you work with IEX WFM software, and ever were frustrated by its data output and wanted to collect and manipulate workforce management data in a non-ODBC environment, you should be there.

If you want more details on the presentation, please click here: Excel Best Practices for IEX WFM Professionals. Here you can download the presentation materials and find information about the conference.

Okay – that’s it. I will now return you to your normal photography content.


The event closed, and I am closing comments on this form as well. If you’d like to reach me to discuss IEX TotalView, please drop me a line on the contact form.


  1. Wow-that title looks so professional with a long title :) Good luck! I briefly looked through some of your photos but I did notice the “journal”, so it’s nice that you’re exercising both talents. Have fun in Vegas!

  2. Sonya says:

    The GURU in action?! I can hardly wait!

  3. Jane Cooper @ lcd tv says:

    Hey so if we can download presentation etc. what is the deal to be there?? ;dd

    • James Lee says:


      I think if people download the info first, and decide that they no longer need to go, then they’ve done us both a favor. If, on the other hand, they download the material and think, “wow, I want to know more about this,” that’s my target audience.

      • Jane Cooper @ lcd tv says:

        I hope i don’t offended You, i was just asking without any rudeness, thanks for explanation of your idea!

    • James Lee says:

      No offense taken!

  4. aurea @ bridal shower favors says:

    That definitely is a perfect poster for an event. :D Break a leg on your presentation! ;)

  5. # 1 fan says:

    Sounds like you’ll have a blast! I’m sure you’ll be great. On the other hand….. so near, and yet so far.

  6. Good luck on your presentation! Have you spoken at Interactions before?

  7. Obviously you just need to include a picture with your title, and it will gain more attention. Best wishes on traveling and speaking; I don’t know if I could give a seminar in Las Vegas, of all places.

  8. April says:

    Your presentation would definitely be very beneficial. And the logo for the presentation is so artistic. Good luck to your presentation! ^_^
    April recently posted Bank Owned Condos in Lower Deer Valley!

  9. James Lee says:

    To be fair, I did not create the logo!

    Thanks for all the kind words. I was happy with how the presentation went.

  10. Dr. George Suarez @ high intensity focused ultrasound says:

    This is brilliant, James. I actually stared at it for 5 minutes to look for other words that got formed or accidentally formed, couldn’t find one. It has a really great meaning to it, I hope others will find that interesting too.

  11. julie says:

    good luck on your presentation, enjoy Vegas too.

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