In Use

If you are interested in using one of my images, please drop me a note using the contact form on the copyright page. Depending on your intended use and attribution notice, the image will be available at a low cost on Getty Images, or in many cases, free. Just ask, please.

Here are some of the creative ways my images have been used:

  1. In its February 2010 article on the 50 most innovative companies, Fast Company Magazine featured Claire’s fingers holding Cheeto’s. This was a lot of fun for me to see…
  2. Groupon (is there a hotter new tech company?) used Claire’s finger to advertise a spa. It’s showed up all over the world, including an Adelaide blog, a German blog, and a Spanish blog.
  3. WIRED magazine used my martini image in an article on cocktail recipes (other folks that use it include Domestic Sluttery and a Russian blog).
  4. Wikipedia editors are in a lively chat to determine whether to use one of my frog photos for their article on boiled frogs. It hasn’t happened yet, but I hope it will.
  5. American Express urges companies to be careful what they wish for (when they grow too fast) with my birthday cake photo. I also found it on Barista Kids’ post on parties for grown ups.
  6. On this Sears blog page, you’ll find my awesome orange bike.
  7. CBS News‘ business network posted an article on the state of small business, and used my question mark photo.
  8. I made the news wires, and a couple dozen different news organizations posted the same story about cheap vacations featuring Claire’s and my feet. Yup – made the LA Times, the Baltimore Sun, and several other local news outlets who suggested you sleep on the couch. You can’t make this stuff up!
  9. Good Magazine asked its readers where to find the best beer, and used one of my sampler photos.
  10. One shot that has been used a lot is of my fortune cookies, used at the Human Capital Institute and Jim Raffel‘s blog, among others.
  11. I’m featured on the Wordnik site’s page with my recombobulation photo.
  12. You’ll find my New Hampshire airport snowplows in Poland and the United Kingdom.
  13. Book More Brides used my “things we carry” photo on a page about anxiety.
  14. Life As Mom used one of my coffee photos when they needed a break. Sustainable Triangle used it to encourage you to limit certain foods. How to Peel an Onion used it to ponder life without a microwave.
  15. German magazine Mein Haushalt (My Household) used an image I’m not too fond of (tomatoes and avocado) in an article on home made face masks.
  16. A Japanese site called “Goo” used my pink sneakers when talking about cleaning suede. So did Stain Removal 101.
  17. If I had ten bucks for every person who used my rubber boots… it wouldn’t matter, because I’ve lost all the links except for Aaron Hoos.
  18. Playing By the Book wrote about “number two” and used my toilet paper black and white photo.
  19. Embracing Home wrote about chicken recipes and used my chicken wellington photo.
  20. Both Brass Tack Thinking and Social Media Today posted the same article on working hard with a photo of yoked oxen.
  21. I have no idea how my pie photo ties into cheating on taxes, but OMB Watch made the connection.
  22. I can only find Home Place using my street beggar photo for an article on mortgage relief, but I know this one has been used other places, too.

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