Icicles forming


I took a couple hundred photos of some icicles forming about three weeks ago. Here are two that I really liked. Hope you enjoy!


Why so many photos, you might ask? Even with a camera with fast shutter speed, getting the shot with a drop of water less than an inch away from the icicle it just fell from is a feat of timing. That, and the camera is so close to the icicles, the depth of field for the focus is very shallow, so I had to have a fast shutter, tight aperture, and very good timing to get the shot. More often than not, the water droplet was either attached to the icicle or just outside of the frame. Most of these shots had to be deleted because the timing is so hard.

The reflection in the water drops is that of the trees across the yard – the reflection is upside down due to how the light refracts in the water drop.


  1. I like the icicling photo. I enjoy watching those two picture you’ve posted. That was a brilliant idea for sharing this.

  2. I like the picture of the ice forming. It was interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. I’m not surprised it took a couple of hundreds shots to get those two – that’s just what it sometimes takes to get the right shots. But you did good, you can be proud of those two, they look really great!

  4. Divinne Grace says:

    This is perfect! I have never seen such things like this before… Anyway, these are great shots!

  5. So glad to see the last of these icicles melted away this Spring. Beautiful shots though. Dark with a touch of the mysterious.

  6. just beautiful! you said they were forming… would the same thing happen as they melt? I love how clear they are, with the water crystals in the middle. nice work!

  7. Alexarie says:

    I have never seen such photos like these… They are very close-up and yet it is really worth the shot…This serves as an inspiration…

  8. This is simply Amazing and professionally done. Great shots :)

  9. Wow! Very attractive image that catch my attention all the way… Love it!

  10. Love this kind of image very attractive it can catch my attention…Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo..

  11. The second picture looks awesome. The water bubbles seen in the icicle looks so amazing. Great photography!

  12. Margareth says:

    This water droplets photo is absolutely beautiful, how I wish I can spot some more of it… :)

  13. Anthony C. Weaver says:

    I have never seen such photos like these..Very attractive image that catch my attention they look really great! Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo..

  14. Sandra92 says:

    I explore my self in photography, and I want also to have a great shot like this… Truly beautiful…

  15. The photo is amazing to watch.Its wonderfully captured by your camera.I wish I would take such a photo anytime . The tip of icicle grows faster than the base, making the icicle pointy.Icicles are formed when the air is around freezing level.

  16. The photo was interesting.Looks that their are more to share a stories

  17. What a beautiful captures of icicles forming! This is so relaxing to see… Thank you for sharing.

  18. Margareth says:

    This icicles photos is really beautiful, I am pretty sure that my husband will happy if he can see this one… He is fun of different captured image…

  19. Alexander says:

    Nice pics!! amazing!! Who is the photographer? Can you share more?


  20. Esquissewei says:

    Did you use a flash to shoot your pictures? Fast synch can solve the problem of depth of field. Like Joe McNally says, to get decent light in fast flash synch, you must have at least 6 or 7 flashes… Hum, quite a lot of money(that i don’t have)

  21. Luisa D Aguirre says:

    I have never seen such photos like this. Very attractive image that catch my attention they look really great! Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo…

  22. Wow these are great. Your photography is really coming along! Sometimes when shooting something like this it can take forever to get that shot you’re after but when you do it’s all worth it :)

  23. Cool! I’m just wondering why the droplets form a perfect sphere? Is it really that perfect? Thanks for sharing the capture here.

  24. How I wish I can gather an additional ideas with this great photographer, this photo is absolutely beautiful…

  25. I love the picture and how you explain the meaning of this photo. and icy picture are so lovely.

  26. “…the reflection is upside down due to how the light refracts in the water drop.”

    Sort of like how light rays bend in the eye to form an inverted image on the retina. Interesting…

  27. Leanne K. Corres says:

    Very attractive image that catch my attention they look really great! Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo…

  28. Kathrryn says:

    I am sure this is one of the best photos I have seen before.. It is so close and the camera used is perfect!

  29. This is of the moments that we don’t see everyday of our lives. Perfect!

  30. This icicles photos is really beautiful, very impressive shot that to tally catch my attention…

  31. Nice kind of photo..Your a perfectionist kind of photographer..Hope you can share more beautiful photo..

  32. Wow, really great photos! I’m really impressed you were able to get such clear images. Hearing all the challenges you faced to get these shots really makes you appreciate the final product even more!

  33. Great shots! and i love the way captured those pictures. They look really stunning. Thanks for sharing this to us and i’m looking forward to see more from you!

  34. Jordan Xiong says:

    Wonderful image, absolutely perfect in all sense, the background, the light, the colour and the angle simply amazing. Really great shot and I can make it out the stress you put to get this great shot, thanks for sharing.

  35. Great selection of photos. Thanks for sharing the beauty of life here in your site. These icicling is adorable.

  36. Florence18Moore says:

    Your talent is truly magnificent… You are lovely amazing in capturing this icicles image… Great!

  37. Betty Daily says:

    I love your pictures, you have a unique talent.

  38. Chalenevans says:

    I know it takes a lot of patience getting this beautiful photos here..
    I love the black and white effects, it adds more beauty to it. Thanks!

  39. Kamilla Lecher says:

    Astounding shots! I love how you take the pictures with flair.

  40. Absolutely nice, your simply tempting me to become an photographer, I just loved your pics , its really nice to watch these pictures you’ve posted. That was a brilliant idea for sharing this, I rarely seen such kind of photos , thanks for sharing.

  41. Kazzsandra says:

    I love this close up icicles.. I hope you can have a lot of close up photos which are really nice to see.. Thanks for this one!

  42. Betsy Rogers says:

    I know that I have tried to take pictures of icicles in the past with mixed success, but usually I run out of patience before I get that perfect shot. I really love what you have captured – you are definitely a better photographer than I will ever be. Great work.

  43. Jeff Thompson says:

    This is such an interesting concept. I love these photographs very much.

    Thanks for sharing.


  44. Awesome, very nice pictures and it is also captured with good way, I like it..

  45. You can wait until they form and then knock them off, but that can be dangerous. Preventing the large icicles from forming in the first place could prevent injury later..

  46. That looks and sounds tedious. Thanks for taking the time because the picture is awesome. I never would have noticed the reflection of the trees.

  47. The depth of field in the first photo is very clear, out of focus background looks very impressive. Very good shot.

  48. Thanks for sharing these wonderful nature images, This is such an interesting concept after hearing all the challenges you faced to get these shots really makes you appreciate the final outcome is obviously worth a ton.

  49. Grace Lawson says:

    What camera did you use in this photo? The icicles look really clear! Also, what lens did you use?

  50. Nicholas says:

    Mind blowing shot! The timing is perfect. The drop of water falling from the icicle reminds me of a bird who trains her young ones to fly and then leaves them to fly and explore the earth. The drop also seems like it is getting separated from her mother to live its life.

  51. Wonderful picture! I am into photography and a nature lover as well. I love clicking pictures of water splashing out, of the waves, rains, dew drops and a lot more, but have never seen a picture like this. I am planning to click some similar kind of pictures as they are beautiful.

  52. WOW! this is pretty amazing photography … I like you sense of taking pictures …

  53. That’s a great picture. I would like to share my view on this. You should have kept a lamp or a bulb of red color or any other color you like behind the icicle or beneath it which would look even more beautiful and the droplet would look as if after its color changed after getting separated from the icicle.

  54. To be able to capture something so beautiful really requires talent. You are an amazing photographer. This photo is so fantastic. Its like magic. Your patience is really commendable. To click a hundred shot to get the perfect picture just shows how much passionate your are about photography. You have a gift. You see beauty in the simplest of things and in the smallest of details.

  55. Francine Park says:

    Wow, it is really amazing captured photo. You must be a professional photographer so that you can capture this sort of photo. The photo is really awesome. If you are a newbie, it is really hard to take this outcome photo.

  56. Laurence says:

    Wow, those are two awesome photos, particularly the first one. I feel your pain when it comes to needing to take multiple photos to get the frame you want – when shooting lightning storms I end up with hundreds of duds in order to get the shot I want!

  57. I agree, it’s very difficult to take this kind of pictures… I tried a couple of week before, and none was beautiful enought to use it !

    So “bravo” for your pictures !

  58. These close up images of the Icicles and the water drops are awesome. It is not surprising that you had to take a hundred shots to get 2 photographs that are with out a doubt marvelous. Timing is everything and very tricky to master on an object such as a falling drop of water.

  59. Beautiful photography.. I Love nature and photography both :)

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