How to clean a moving walk way

Saw this in Chicago and couldn’t resist a snap shot. This woman was dusting the moving walkway rails… back and forth she rode. What do you think? If you’ve ever done janitor work, would you agree this is the best possible assignment?

I remember having to clean up a box of broken pickle jars that had been fermenting for months at my first job. That was no fun. This, on the other hand… not too bad.


  1. I remember seeing something like this at the Bangkok Airport :)

  2. The girl has just find the best way in doing her task. I guess cleaning a moving walk way is now easy as riding on an escalator.

  3. Well, I suppose it’s making the best of her surroundings. Was this O’Hare or Midway? Because in O’Hare, I’m sure she was just being “time-efficient,” or prolong until she had to clean the bathrooms near the parking garage. Yuck!

  4. Sweet! I wish our whole house was on this kind of system. I’d probably be a lot more inclined to sweep if I could ride while I worked.

  5. Makes cleaning a little easier!! Unless you get a ton of robots out there, I don’t know if the airports would ever purchase something like the roomba’s. That would make a funny picture people trying dodge robots :)

  6. I guess if the opportunity is there.. why not? LOL… good for her! Great shot!

  7. Ha ha! Brilliant!

  8. This is absolutely genius. I love it! The first job doesn’t sound so nice!

  9. I agree with James :)

  10. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    I also agree hahaha… Its a very genious thinking hahahaha

  11. Nothing unusual. Remember cleaning your Bicycle’s wheel? It is not unusual for lazy a…. to save energy which leads to such ingenious way of doing work.

    She can improve it further. Just glue the washer there and then you don’t need to stand ;)

  12. Talk about using your brain. This lady is smart. I tip my hat to housekeeping workers because it’s a hard job and I love how she is resting, but working at the same time. Now, if we could all find a way to work and rest like her..

  13. She is the laziest cleaner I’ve ever heard of. Better employ robots

  14. This is hilarious. I would have taken a shot of this too. Airports are HUGE, so I don’t blame her for taking the easy way in cleaning. Hey, at least she’s cleaning!

  15. Poor lady. Working so hard she’s taking a little break. It’s pretty funny, but I guess she’s really not doing anything wrong ;)

  16. Sometimes that lazy people are the most creative. Remote control is a great example.

  17. How funny is this?! I guess she couldn’t be bothered to pick up the pace… In her defense, though, I wonder how many she’d gone through before this one? ;)

  18. This isn’t funny, its genius! This is definitely an American airport…

  19. Made me chuckle. If it gets the job done and saves her some time or energy then why not?

  20. Just another very smart way to work smart and not hard.

  21. Hey don’t get mad at her for finding an efficient way to do her job. She is getting the job done. I wish I could find a way to do this in my work. 2000 square feet in the summer can be grueling. Lol!

  22. Hey, strike one up for ingenuity! I give her props for her problem solving skills….

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