Hearing Protection

You get two ears… don’t wear ‘em out.

My dad gave me a lot in life… most of it resides between my ears. I can replace a toilet. Install a ceiling fan. Put in a 240v sub-panel to power a swimming pool.  Build a new kitchen, one cabinet at a time, and install all new appliances. I even know how to hang and texture dry wall (no matter that I refuse to do it). When the drain to the shower you’re remodeling breaks off underneath your foundation, the only thing to do is rent a jack-hammer and break out the concrete so you can replace it.

If you’re going to use a table saw, a jack hammer, a router, or a chain saw, you need to protect your ears. This is the best tool I’ve ever used to that purpose.

The Ryobi active hearing protection system uses a 4v rechargeable battery to cancel the sound waves that get past the noise-deadening insulation. On top of that, it has a port where you can plug in an MP3 player.

There are four microphones on these – two on each year. Beyond detecting sound waves for active cancellation, they are used to allow noise in – when you want it. Turn off the jack hammer, twist a knob, and you can hear the conversations taking place around you. Turn the knob back, fire up the chain saw, and you’re good to go.

I love these things. If you’re a do-it-your-selfer, I highly recommend them. Find them at the Home Depot


  1. It really is so important to protect your hearing. I went to see a lot of bands live when I was younger, and due to standing too close to the PA system too many times I now have a very slight noise in my ears on a permanent basis. Considering the amount of bands I saw, how loud they were and where I stood, I actually think I’m lucky the damage is not too severe.

    It’s becoming more popular/acceptable to wear those disposable foam earplugs at concerts these days, and I would strongly recommend to anyone that attends them on a regular (or even infrequent) basis to use them. Once your hearing damaged, it’s forever. They don’t look as cool as those headphones though : )
    Philip recently posted Your Whitsunday Islands Guide

    • I’m sorry to hear that you alreadyhave such problems… Our health is the most important thing in our life (it may sound even trite), but we start to value it when we lost it… this protetion shpould wear everyone who goes to the concerts, paties (well, it will look a bit funny, but you’ll save you hearing) To tell the truth, i’ve never undertood why music is so loud at concert and clubs.

  2. unfortunately, these things weren’t around back when you were learning those other things from your dad; maybe you could return the favor and teach him about them…. altho the ringing in his ears never goes away, as Philip noted above, it might save further damage….

  3. Great Post! The cool thing about this is that it has it’s own built in mp3 player, you can listen to your favorite music while doing some carpenters work. And of course, the main purpose of this gadget is to protect our ears which is really a great idea for us not to have a hearing problem. Anyway thanks for sharing this to us.

    • Not really a built in MP3 – but it allows you to plug one you already own into the device (which is better, I think – the last thing I need is to have to manage music on another device).

  4. Didn’t know these existed. And when I read it it sounds a little too good to be true. Can cancel out waves by microphones? But then I suppose if you read it the other way around it makes more sense. It will let sound in with the microphone?

    Either way, some great stuffs, something too few sadly use.
    Alexander recently posted Green Light and a Cup of Coffee

    • Both ways, Alexander. You can turn on the ability to allow sound in, and by twisting a volume knob, control how much comes in.

      OR you can just use the microphones to measure the ambient sound around you, and the device produces a sound wave opposite of what you would otherwise hear, thereby disrupting both sound waves and making them virtually disappear.

  5. You are not kidding. My hearing isn’t great anyway — my sinuses tend to clog up into them, have since I was a kid — so I’ve taken precautions to protect my hearing.

  6. It was a nice Hearing Protection, as a part of healthy life style we should also consider protecting our hearing. This article catered nforamtion that indeed could help. Thank you for sharing this. Great Day!

  7. Thanks for sharing. This is indeed a very useful toll to protect our hearing. We should always take good care of our self no matter what we do. And always remember to implement the “safety first” strategy whenever we do some risky and dangerous work.

  8. I could have used these back in the days when I worked in the wood shop in school. I wonder if they would cancel out annoying classmates too?

  9. A very good hearing protection device! plus you can listen to your favorite music! That’s great!

  10. Seems like a nice protection device, will have to show my company guys this and see what they think. I do alot of heavy work using noisy machines… this could prove to be handy.

  11. I think I might try these out. Ear plugs constantly fall out of my ears and I’ve been told that having music blasting so close to my ear drum isn’t necessarily recommended. How much do these run?

  12. Unfortunately, a little too much loud music in college has damaged my hearing. But, I do use hearing protection now when I shoot or mow the lawn, so at least I’m preventing further damage. Thanks for an insightful article.
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