Happy Valentine’s Day

All I want for Valentine’s Day this year is a pack of AA batteries. I need my mouse to start working consistently. Keyboard, too.

The photo above? This ridiculous heart shaped foo-foo donut now being served at Dunkin Donuts. Cream filled and covered with heart shaped jimmies (that’s probably “sprinkles” to you, but this is New England, so they’re jimmies). All on the pinkest plate I could find.

Happy Valentine’s Day, man style. Enjoy!


  1. Maggie @ Managed Hosting says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too. This is a Donut? It looks more like a cookie. A really bad, misshapen cookie. In the Midwest, my dad calls your Jimmies “specs.” And me too- batteries on wireless keyboards/mouses die every other month for me. Costco trip, anyone?

  2. That’s the least…err, professional-looking food I’ve ever seen from a major retailer.

    Which isn’t to say that it doesn’t look delicious :)

  3. Mateusz Maksymiuk @ YouPaint says:

    Pretty nice valentine’s heart. But in my opinion it lack some symmetry. Anyway it looks quite appetizingly…

  4. DiNaRa says:

    The woman (or man) who was preparing this ugly (sorry :) donut lacks love. The dish is much better!

  5. Val @ Secure Hosting says:

    It’s the thought that counts, Mate. Maybe it was meant to look more like an actual heart then the stereotypical one?

  6. TimKing @ SanDiegoEventPhotographer says:

    I heard Pizza hut had heart shaped pizzas too! Haha, it actually makes me want to eat that donut though!

  7. Tim King says:

    Ahhh, there we go. This is the first time I’ve used keywordluv. Thanks for the friendly follow, and I look forward to reading more of your posts!
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  8. Tennessee says:

    You really need the context clue of valentine’s day to recognize that donut is supposed to be a heart. That said, it looks utterly delicious. OMNOMNOM!

  9. Darcy @ Dedicated Server Price says:

    James, Dunkin Donuts is slaking in their heart shaped donuts a little lopsided. LOL the term Jimmy’s I know comes from Friendly’s! You would know you grew up in New England.

    • James Lee says:

      Is THAT where it’s from? Who knew! I live in New England now, but only for a few years, and I only went to Friendly’s for the first time last Saturday.

      Oh, what a belly ache I got… but I guess I had it coming, considering I had French toast, an egg sandwich, and an ice cream sunday the size of a dinner plate. :D

  10. really looks yammy yammy…… i’m love in it. who’s this prepare for me?

  11. That is one sweet and romantic donut
    Liewilyn Baynosa recently posted How to add a logo for your photos

  12. Diane @ Title Loans says:

    Wait..this was bought at Dunkin Donuts? I thought it was homemade! It’s not an even heart! A for effort, but they could have done better! Dunkin Donuts has never let me down, but the presentation of this looks ugly. BUT…….I would still eat it.

  13. June @ Therapist New York says:

    Dunkin had that? The shape is kind of off, lol. I thought you were going to say you made it yourself! That is very pink, but it looks delicious.

  14. Marla Tauares says:

    The Heart shape of that Donut in not in perfect shape but it looks delicious. I know you have already the AA batteries and keyboard hope it all work out for you. Great shot with this picture!
    Marla Tauares recently posted CNA TrainingMy Profile

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