Happy New Year

  1. Wait until after dark
  2. Set your camera to take four second exposures
  3. Crank up some dance music
  4. Turn out the lights
  5. Pass out glowing necklaces and bracelets, and push the shutter.

Happy New Year, everyone! No fireworks photos (haven’t quite mastered that yet), so here are some glowing photos as the next best thing.



  1. really quite lovely.. not exactly Northern Lights, but a bit of it going on lol

  2. I love this! The colors are amazing, and I would have had no idea what this abstract thing was!

  3. Nice color experiment! I really like it. This abstract is truly playful and attractive in our sight.
    Happy New Year! A great photograph for a colorful year. Thanks. Keep on sharing.

  4. Your photos are awesome! Thanks for the know how tip.

    Wishing you a great new year.

  5. James Moralde says:

    At first I thought you have somehow been able to create multi-colored smoke. Very nice effect. Gotta try this at home, too. :)

  6. @James Moralde, that is what I thought when I saw it too. lol

  7. Happy new year to all.. very nice photos..
    Winworld Exports

  8. This one is great! A dancing color experiment, really like it. It’s a nice way to celebrate a vibrant New Year! It’s like a colorful smoke. Thanks for sharing your learning experiment, I want to try this one and learn to color groove in photography. May you have a colorful 2011.

  9. oh… it so amazing, what is that? how you take them.. very very spellbound..

  10. Roseann Smith says:

    Your photos are awesome! Thanks for the know how tip. Wishing you a great new year.

  11. James

    nice photos, just imagined them together with a human being, just breathing out..:)

    Happy New Year

  12. I like this a lot – I am a sucker for these kinds of shades of blues and greens – but this is really inventive in any color. What are glowing bracelets though? I mean, what specifically – not sure if we have those in England – developing country that it is…

  13. I’m looking into doing this for wedding reception. Love the effect!

  14. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    Its amazingly great. Nice job. Very creative

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