Guinea Fowl

Another photo from the Topsfield Fair… this is a guinea fowl (sometimes used as one word, guineafowl). They’re sized somewhere between a large chicken and a turkey.

I look at this, and it makes sense to me that birds are descended from dinosaurs. Others have suggested it’s part rhinoceros.

They run wild in this part of the world. I’ve never tried one, but I hear they’re tasty.


  1. u.g.l.y. you ain’t got no alibi…..
    is this the same as a guinea hen? (as in female, I guess, guinea fowls come in hens and roosters… lol!)
    I hear they make good attack/ guard animals, altho maybe not as good as geese…

  2. Oh! people used to eat that ancient thing(bird). I think that not all the things in the world is to be eaten, there are things that needs to be seen around the jungle. Or one day you would going to say i am going out with the friends on a Donkey’s BBQ. LOLz…………… By the way very informative post…..

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  3. Loved the photo. Though, I haven’t seen this bird ever…

  4. Urvisha Patel says:

    I like chickens and turkeys, they are cure but this one here is scary :) Probably because of the thing on top of the head, she says: “I mean it, don’t play with me” :)

  5. rhinoceros??? that fuddles my brain but you can’t be sure of anything nowadays..

  6. Wow, that is an interesting looking creature.

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