Goodbye, David

I was laid off in September 2008 after moving across the country for my dream job. My family was experiencing great personal strife (kids in one state, parents in another), and I was without the means to provide for anyone who depended on me. If you know me, you understand that I’ve just laid myself […]


One of the lambs now living at J & F Farms. They sound almost fake when they “baaaaaaaaaah” at you.


Today’s Guest Post brought to you by Mui Tsun Photography: Daffodil

Not So Serious About Panoramas

Click this article to learn more about taking panoramic shots in this fun tutorial by David Bennett of Quill Cards & Photograph Works.

Guest Post: Shooting the Moon

Here’s a guest post with some information on how to take great moon shots. To start with – you need a long lens. This was taken with a 300 mm lens, and it’s still not the most detailed image ever. I think something in the 600 mm range probably works best. Other specs on this […]

Guest Post: Colorado Barn

Today’s post brings you the photography of Kyler Nixon in the form of a Colorado barn after the storm has passed.