Things that make you cry…

Another photo from my sister’s wedding – things that make you cry. Onions and weddings. We had hor dourves prior to the wedding, and this happy couple beat my sister and her beau to it. They graced an onion dip of sort as a garnish… it was good.


A young deer leaps into the underbrush in this image. I don’t normally post photos I consider a bust, but every time I look at this I like it a little more. While I’m not a fan of images with blur added by camera movement, in this case, it works well with the young deer […]

Summertime Peas

One of my favorite things about summer? Fresh peas! They’re so good!

Hello, Autumn

The first batch of red in this photo of the maple tree out front.

Happy Labor Day

Wishing you an excellent day – whether you’re in the US and it’s Labor Day, or your somewhere else on the globe. Cheers!

Optimator Spaten

Photo of the delicious Optimator Spaten from Munich, Germany, purchased at Bert’s Better Beers in Hooksett, NH

Falling Down

This fence is on the corner lot near my home, and it’s been slowly falling down over the past eight months.

Croquet in Heels

Photo of red high heel shoes on the croquet field.

Rambling Roses

Photographs of roses and rose buds, one in color, one black and white.

March Crocuses

It’s only May, but they’re long gone, except in photos.