Gray Tree Frog (hyla versicolor)

Gray Tree Frog

This is a photo of a gray tree frog, or hyla versicolor. Available to purchase at Getty Images.

Lost Sock


I hate it when one gets left behind…

Couch Couple

couch couple

Do you know anyone who wears socks? I got a hot tip for you…



Plastic fantastic! From the depths of time, a veggie eater in the plants.

Who’s watching whom?

cats and squirrel

Muffet and Sumo watch the vermin through the window.

Walk on water

walk on water

What’s that crazy businessman doing taking a stroll on the lake?



Simple still life of wedding rings.



Bratwurst and a meat grinder. And a manicure, too.

Up Early for a Saturday

frosted glass

Ice crystals shine through the window on a Saturday morning.

Love for sale

love for sale

Yoda is a three year old pointer mix at the Lowell Humane Society.