Good night, Neil.


The number of heroes who walk the earth has been diminished by one. The first human to set foot on the moon died this morning. I’m not sure who said it first, but as long as there are history books, Neil Armstrong will be in them.

In a statement, his family suggested the following.

For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink.

It’s not clear here tonight, but I’m thinking of Neil, and my camera winked. I took this photo from my bedroom, and it is the window near where I sleep that frames the moon in this photo.

Good night, moon. Good night, Neil. Safe journeys to you both.


  1. Great photo, great comment, great sentiment.

  2. When i first heard that Neil Armstrong had died I couldn’t believe it. It took time register in my brain that the first man who set his foot on moon was no more. He was a real legend. It is a great loss for everyone that such a great man is no more but I know for a fact that he will keep living in our hearts forever. And I did wink at the moon that day and many days that followed.

  3. First of all I must really compliment you for taking such beautiful an breathtaking picture of the moon. It is looking exotic. It feels as if the moon itself came in its full glory to bade such a great man a final goodbye. My condolences to his family who are still grieving for their loss. I just wish wherever he is he is happy and at peace.

  4. The picture is just awesome!! The very theme of the post, is wrapped in the picture. Neil Armstrong was a great man who accomplished the task which others thought as impossible. Thanks for writing a post for him. By reading this post, I also thought about him. R.I.P Neil.

  5. The photo has come out amazingly well and I should appreciate your move to honour Neil Armstrong through this picture. The picture is neat and clearly depicts the dark night full of clouds which are visible because your camera must be an awesome one. The moon looks so in real though it is a picture.

  6. You have clicked such a lovely picture something really befitting to pay a tribute to the great man. I still remember the frenzy that had captured every nations eye and the excitement that gripped the world when he first set foot on moon. It was thrilling. I will surely miss him.

  7. This man of the moon, Neil Armstrong had to get such a beautiful offering. The picture will surely keep all his memories alive. The window grill looks like some extremely mesmerising design when I try to look at the moon in the picture, seems you clicked the picture from the other side of the grill. Amazing effects!

  8. Great photo..!! A giant leap for human kind. Many of today technologies are results of space technologies. to Neil, Rest In Peace. You are the greatest.

  9. Beautiful Photography! Kenny, I completely agree to you, Neil Armstrong was indeed a real legend and loved by everyone. All salute and respect to him. R.I.P. Mr. Neil Armstrong.

  10. You can always find photos and images of many things in the world, but like this one listed above you only find a few that captivate you! I would completely agree with David, Jack, Andre, and Katie! Thanks for Sharing and look forward to more!

  11. This is a great photo thanks for the post, and it is a great memory we will have forever! Neil Armstrong will never be forgotten!

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