Closeup: Mushroom


Time for your closeup… This is a side view of a large white-cap mushroom. It was maybe five inches (13 cm) across.

Fungus on a branch

fungus on a branch, originally uploaded by jronaldlee. Some rights reserved: CC BY 2.0. The girls and I went stumping in the woods today, and I was playing with a new point-n-shoot I picked up from Ritz (less than $80 – what a deal!). Most of the shots show that I had never used the […]

Portrait of a yellow mushroom


The last day of September. I can practically feel the earth gathering its strength. Preparing for the long winter. Plants are beginning to enter their dormant phase, but this single yellow mushroom with burnt orange markings is growing in the woods, taking advantage of the combination of water and soil while the earth is still […]