Freeway Photography

From a moving vehicle (Claire drove), I was playing with the camera and was fortunate to get a couple of halfway decent shots. First up: the Greater Boston Food Bank, then a random high rise with a street lamp in the foreground.


  1. I love to see this in night with the glittering lights on.
    I like the first photo, but something like it miss the first word. I am correct?

  2. No, there were no words cut off. Thanks for your question!

  3. I Agree with Eugie.

    Even though I haven’t seen those place personally, but just by imagining them at night, it really looks so great!!!

    And yes, the first Photo seems to lack of something, and its not a word, but it looks so great though… Is it a train coming?

    It would surely look more great if its half appeared on the view.

    I love the way the second photo was captured…. It’s some sort of a great creation.

  4. It’s actually the top of a white SUV.

    Yeah, I’m happy with that second shot.

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