Leaping Fawn

A young deer leaps into the underbrush in this image. I don’t normally post photos I consider a bust, but every time I look at this I like it a little more. While I’m not a fan of images with blur added by camera movement, in this case, it works well with the young deer […]

November Fungus


We went walking in the woods this weekend, and I brought my camera along. Luckly, I brought my flash, too. In this shot, I held it in my left hand as far away from me as possible when I took the picture, and set the camera to underexpose the image slightly. I like the way […]

Winter Storm

winter storm

A photograph of the snow falling on the trees in a clearing in the woods. Looks cold – refreshing on a hot day.

Zip Line Adventures

Had a ton of fun zip lining yesterday. My parents were visiting, and we drove up to Lincoln and enjoyed Alpine Adventure’s Treetop Canopy Tour.

Falling Down

leaning fence

This fence is on the corner lot near my home, and it’s been slowly falling down over the past eight months.

Snow Garden

Snow Garden

A trellis and garden shed made in the shape of a normal distribution curve stand under a fresh blanket of snow.

Portrait of a yellow mushroom


The last day of September. I can practically feel the earth gathering its strength. Preparing for the long winter. Plants are beginning to enter their dormant phase, but this single yellow mushroom with burnt orange markings is growing in the woods, taking advantage of the combination of water and soil while the earth is still […]