For the Birds

It’s been a bit gray the past few days, so here’s something with a bit more color in it: a bird house photo I took while waiting for my family to arrive for dinner. I didn’t know it at the time, but they drove by while I was taking the picture, and confused me by asking about the shot an hour later.


  1. Jane Cooper @ online shopping ireland says:

    Where are birds?? I like when some normal things are somehow different and it don’t have to be something outrageous, just nice color of paint may change soo much!!!

  2. grace @ wedding favors says:

    I like how it stands unsymmetrical :)

  3. Dr. Farley says:

    I agree with grace, combined with the bright colors, the slight assymetry makes it look whimsical
    Dr. Farley recently posted Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus

  4. Sonny says:

    That must be one heavy bird in there…
    Sonny recently posted Sew a Super Kawaii Hello Kitty Plushie

  5. It was build by a young little girl. Nice capture. :D
    Liewilyn Baynosa recently posted How to add a logo for your photos

  6. Ava says:

    Well, you can be thankful they didn’t shout at you as you were taking the photo, because then it wouldn’t be so crisp. Hopefully those April showers cease here in two days and we see those May flowers.
    Ava recently posted How to Start a Budget

  7. Roger @ sell used books says:

    I agree with the Dr. Farley bird house looks a bit whimsical, natural looking nest on the roof..

  8. kaos polo says:

    is bird like bright colour ? it’s funny bird house

  9. Sophie says:

    The realy question is, are the birds inhabiting the house angry? So angry that they wish to catapult themselves at high speed towards several malicious green pigs? P.S : Can you post a picture of the new chickens ?

  10. Sonal from @ Malaysia Tourism says:

    it is looking so cute..small things that we tend to ignore in our day to day lives but a pic like this makes us notice other things around us.

  11. Chi says:

    I’d have to say i’ve had little luck at all with hand made bird houses. Most of them fall apart within a few years. Not great news for any birds looking for a new home
    Chi recently posted Jennifer Bridal Portrait Beaufort- SC

  12. James Lee says:

    @Chi – maybe the right paint job will help?

    @Sophie – As soon as I have a nice photo of the chickens, I’ll post it. :)

    Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone!

  13. I wonder what your family was wondering. Seeing you taking a picture of a pink bird house. I respect that you added some color to the outdoors and now you’ll have all the birds in your yard with the color. I’ve heard they love pinks and reds :)

  14. LOL!!! That would’ve confuse me too! Never seen such a colourful bird box! Where was this bird box? It seems a bit exposed. Well captured btw :)

  15. Thanks for the color splash, the weather has been on and off here so this color splash is nice. The bird house reminds me of one I made when I was little with my grandpa. I’ve turned to making water baths now simple because more birds come around for those than bird houses.

  16. Dani @ BJJ Santa Monica says:

    I’ve been wanting to build a little bird house but that would include my husband’s help in building it :) Did you build this or buy it?

  17. How cute! I always wonder why the holes in birdhouses are so small – looks like only the tiniest of birds could fit in there…

  18. Renna Yentzer says:

    That is definitely for the birds only but where are the birds actually? On leave or on trip, sounds funny! You make me confuse over here, you explode my mind. Well, you capture it very well I like it!
    Renna Yentzer recently posted Bank Repossessed CarsMy Profile

  19. Bev Martin says:

    This is one of the cutest bird houses I have seen. I like the bright colors and the little bit of grass on the top! it really brightens up the back yard space!!
    Bev Martin recently posted Make Your Home UniqueMy Profile

  20. Karen @ seo los angeles says:

    Haha I guess you were too engrossed in your photography you didn’t even notice them. This is another nice shot, I like the bright colors on the mailbox against the darker bush in the background

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