Sun Devil foliage


In honor of ASU’s homecoming game, I took this shot with foliage in colors that reminded me of the Sun Devils.

Pumpkins for sale


Pumpkins for sale! Pumpkins for sale! The large ones are only 59 cents a pound at the J & F Farms in Derry, New Hampshire. Ahhh, October.

Maple tree with lady bug

maple tree lady bug

A maple tree started growing between my driveway and garage this year. I let it grow, and it’s finally turning red. When the leaves fall, I will go ahead and pull it out…

Fall maple leaf close up

Group shot of maple leaves

Sun crests onto painted maple

Sun crests over painted maple, originally uploaded by jronaldlee. Some rights reserved: CC BY 2.0.

Portrait of a yellow mushroom


The last day of September. I can practically feel the earth gathering its strength. Preparing for the long winter. Plants are beginning to enter their dormant phase, but this single yellow mushroom with burnt orange markings is growing in the woods, taking advantage of the combination of water and soil while the earth is still […]