Banded Canadian Goose


A Canadian Goose sorts a neck band as part of a census project.

Hampton fire


This fire hydrant ended up more scorched than used during the fire of February 26, 2010.

Line crews repair damage from NHwind2010

Utility Crew

Along Chester Road in Raymond, a line crew sets about their work to repair downed lines.



Heavy duty equipment.

Door Knob


Yes, it’s just a door knob - but is it more?

Nikon D90


New Nikon D90, sponsored in part by a gift from my parents.

Snow plows

The incredibly large snow plows used at the Manchester airport.

Old school lights

school lights

Another entry for the photo scavenger hunt, I thought I’d take a play on the words when assigned “Old school lights” for one of my entries.

Electric candles

electric candles

A group of LED candles for the holidays.

Sunrise California Roll at Yoki

Yoki’s delicious Sunrise California Roll.