Photos of a pod of dolphins that we encountered on our fishing excursion off the coast of Ocracoke Island.

Brown Pelicans over the Sea


Photograph of two brown pelicans on top of a ferry lane marker.

Ocracoke Sunset

sandpiper sunset

Photos of the sky at sunset on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Twilight in Ocracoke


I ended up with a LOT of of sky pictures. The sky is easy - it always changes, and if you wait, it’s photo worthy. Here are a few from Ocracoke’s twilight.

Boston Sky


Just a quick snap of a piece of the Boston sky line. I was down town to meet with a vendor, and happened to have my camera with me. It was too cold to do more than snap a few quick photos. I like the lines on this one.

My first star trails

star trails

My first attempt at capturing star trails.