Orange PUMA Penguin


The Puma Store Penguin, highly sought after, but rarely seen outside of the retail establishment. Meet Pepe.

Home Depot’s shopping cart shame

home depot and handicapped customers

An open letter to Home Depot on their decision to place their employees’ convenience above their disabled customers.

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

sun sugars

Sun sugar tomatoes from the garden this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Electric candles

electric candles

A group of LED candles for the holidays.

Sun Devil jack-o-lantern

sun devil jack-o-lantern

Halloween 2009, I carved a Sparky inspired jack-o-lantern to commemorate ASU’s homecoming which ends today.

Pumpkins for sale


Pumpkins for sale! Pumpkins for sale! The large ones are only 59 cents a pound at the J & F Farms in Derry, New Hampshire. Ahhh, October.

Pumpkins in a green house


A sea of pumpkins stretches across a greenhouse at the J & F Farm in Derry, New Hampshire