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WordPress Tutorial - Using the Kitchen Sink

In my previous post on using WordPress for your corporate blog, I covered the basics only. Specifically, I covered the basic visual formatting bar and the publish box. Today’s post goes a little deeper; here you will learn how to use the kitchen sink. As a reminder, you’ll find the kitchen sink as an extra [...]

How To Post In WordPress, The Basics

This post is targeted to users who have never used WordPress before, but find they need to do it as part of their corporate roll. It can be as simple as typing a few words and hitting Publish, but if you use the tools in this tutorial, you’ll find your posts have a much [...]

Adding Thesis

Looks like, in order to achieve my objectives on my corporate blog (not yet published, but I will update here when it is), I’m needing a little more horsepower. I don’t know enough about CSS or PHP to pull off what I really need to do, so today I took the plunge on the Thesis [...]