Photographs of animals, pets, bugs, et cetera. You know... fauna.


Two photos of dragonflies taken in southern New Hampshire, one macro, one not.

Snails on the Beach

Part two from my trip to York, Maine’s Long Beach. I’m going to try to go back soon to see if I can get a better close up photo.

Snail Bokeh

Snail Bokeh: A photo of the snails on Long Beach, York, Maine.

ISA Brown

One of the girls - a photo of an ISO Brown chicken from the flock that roams my property.

So long, and thanks for all the pollen

A bee flies away from purple flowers where it just dined.

There be Eggs Here!

A photo of our first eggs. We have six free range chickens, and as of this week, they’re old enough to start laying. Huzzah!

Summertime Peas

One of my favorite things about summer? Fresh peas! They’re so good!


A photo of two of chickens, one third of the flock that lives at my house.


A photo of a llama. Stand back, kids… you don’t know what it might do.

On the Prowl

A photo of Muffet - cat on the prowl.