Simple photograph of four lit candles. I took these in a pretty dark room. To make sure the shadows were black, I told the camera to use the center of the image to determine the exposure. I then used the second candle to pre-focus and create the settings, and while I had those locked in, shifted my aim to move the focal point just off-center.


  1. Thats one of the most awesome picture I ve ever seen, in fact before writing a comment I made it a desktop background.

  2. I like this shot a lot. The main reason I do, is the simplicity of it all. There is no excess, no unnecessary elements. The composition is very nice as well.

  3. Beautiful picture, I like it too much.

  4. The picture is amazing. You are very talented. I, too, love the simplicity. The beauty stems from that.

  5. I love how the center point of the picture is on the second candle, and everything else is blurred. The contrast is amazing in this photo. Good job.

  6. The picture is amazing! Looks like the candles are floating. Simple yet beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great pics! very simple but you can feel the serenity. Amazing work of art.

  8. Very simple yet astounding. A perfect shot, I guess. Upon looking at the photo, I can say that it conveys so much thoughts and I love it. Great work.

  9. it is photos like this that remind me why I like photography :)
    Thumbs up.

  10. A simple yet artistic shot. I love the exposure of the second candle. Looking at the candle, I wish I have the skill like yours, making simple things an artistic one. Love what you did.

  11. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    Simply great…

  12. Very nice. I like what you see when you take pictures. I probably would have focused on the first candle, then shifted the center, but I like the 2nd candle being the focused point.

  13. Thanks, everyone. I enjoyed reading all your comments!

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