Burning cube of fire

And I fell down into a burning cube of fire…

Nah, doesn’t have the same ring. Apologies to Johnny Cash.

The monthly scavenger hunt had a clue “cubicle hell” in November, and there were a lot of folks who submitted images of offices - but I really like where I work. No way I would submit a picture of my office space for a clue like that.

So I built a cube out of scrap wood and set it on fire. :)


  1. Nice concept. I love it.

  2. TJ McDowell says:

    Lol - yea, ring of fire definitely rolls off the tongue a little better.

    I’ll have to say though, “cubicle” does bring to my mind all that is completely uninspiring about corporate America.

  3. Cool pic. Is that photoshopped or real? This made me feel warm because its freezing this month. LOL! Thanks for posting.

  4. kelly wardy says:

    That cube of fire is really cool. It actually looks like animated. The fire in the dark is making a statement here. I wonder if its hanging or just grounded.

  5. I love your version. lol

  6. in song “I fell into a burning cube of fire…”

  7. It looks like nothing difficult and extra-genious, but it is great and so beautiful. All the elements of the world are fantastic, aren’t they?

  8. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    It looks like photoshop. But it was great knowing that its real. Nice shot.

  9. This is cool. I think how you made a 3D cube, rather than a two dimensional square. I like it :)

  10. Nice one. That is a great pics! It looks edited picture but then it is real I can’t believe. Your concept is very much appreciated you have a unique post.

  11. StevenSmith says:

    Lovely picture. I think this is not a real one. They might have created this using the designing tools.

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