Toilet Paper

Welcome to black and white week on j.ronald.lee.

I have a few B&W images I’ve been planning on posting, and I realize that there’s at least a week’s worth, so here we go. I’ve been saving this one the longest… it’s kind of boring in color, but as a B&W, I thought it just popped. I actually took this image with the idea that I would be publishing it without color, and I think it works much better this way.

As for this image, it was very carefully framed. I took dozens of photos before I got the one I really wanted, with the background only slightly blown out. I had to use a high aperture to keep the toilet from being completely fuzzy, and the composition with the partial box of tissue paper as an additional creature comfort was intentional. I had to use a tripod to support the high aperture (small shutter opening) that would keep the facial tissue enough in focus to be recognized. The right tools made this image possible; without a camera capable of long shutter speeds and the tripod, it would not have been possible.

It was a favorite in the scavenger hunt; this was taken for the clue “Creature Comforts.” Here are the other entries:


  1. You are right, in color this picture looks dull but in black and white it looks kinda interesting. Looking forward to more black and white photos from you.

  2. I welcome black and white week. I have six framed pieces of photography on my walls and only one’s in color. None of that was intentional, either — just worked out that I had that preference.

  3. Black and white shots are awesome. Some people don’t appreciate black and white. But if your going take a look at the picture and try to observe how it was taken, you will see how beautiful it is. It takes a lot of photographic skills to capture great black and white shots. Cheers!

  4. It’s interesting that you can actually make a roll of toilet paper look interesting when you crop it right and do the right post production on the image. B&W week is awesome. I’ll definitely be checking back! Thanks for sharing your photographic adventures.

  5. It is a funny picture. My question is a strange one: What kind of tp do you use?

  6. You can’t get anymore simpler than a black and white photo of toilet paper. I loved the slideshow :)

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