Life’s Short

First, I want you to notice that man-bear of an arm hanging out the window.

Next, I want you to read the bumper sticker…

Life’s Short… Drive a Subaru Naked

I started laughing so hard. It was like I was following a naked Robin Williams through Derry, New Hampshire. When traffic came to a complete stop, I couldn’t help but grab my camera (it was sitting next to me anyways) to snap a quick photo.

The best part - he totally caught me taking his picture, and started laughing at me. :-D


  1. Mike says:

    One morning I woke up and realized that life is so short to waste. All the people around us should know how they are important to us that’s why I make to a point to say I love or I care for you, a small compliment that can contribute to a feeling of satisfaction that you can say I lived a life worth while.

  2. # 1 fan says:

    I have a friend about to buy a Subaru…. How can I email her that picture?

    too funny… and of course, you can see they guy’s face in his review mirror.
    with such a bumper sticker, I think we’re all grateful that all we can see…..

  3. Claire says:

    At least he laughed about it when James broke out his camera. Unlike the lady last year who was angry. If one is going to have a bumper sticker about driving naked, it is good to have a sense of humor. Now, is there a version of this for Volvo? I might be a taker :-)

  4. TJ McDowell says:

    Do you think this guy knew he was going to end up on the website somewhere? He’s probably Googling the text of his bumper sticker to find the blog where he’s making a guest appearance =)
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  5. ife is short so make so many memories as you can so that if you die you regret nothing

  6. claire @ jones act says:

    I find this site while I’m searching for my report… I was intrigue when the title and so I read it… and I just found myself laughing too… But it is true that life is really short and every single moment is kept with precious events in our lives… Thanks for sharing…

  7. James Lee says:

    TJ - if he does look for it, he wouldn’t have found it… Between your comment and Claire’s, I started some internet searches myself, and this page didn’t come up.

    I forgot to actually include the words as text in the post!

    So… I’ve edited the post to include the contents of the bumper sticker. And no, Claire, sadly no Volvo version of the bumper sticker. :-p

  8. andri says:

    indeed life is short .. as short as speed when we freeze the moment..:D
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  9. says: freaky :) )

  10. bran says:

    I always keep a small camera next to me in the car for just such occasions. Funny the things people will put on there cars
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  11. Ava says:

    It is my first time to see a hairy arm of a man like that.. Its really like a bear..

  12. John says:

    haha great shot! I couldn’t imagine what you were thinking when he saw you taking the picture.

  13. sure is =)
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  14. Timothy @ wedding photographer says:

    It be even funnier if he was naked….then again maybe he is and you can’t tell.

  15. James Lee says:

    Oof - brutal!

  16. Oh, please don’t drive a Subaru naked when you look like that. lol

  17. Hahaha! You can see him through the side mirror! Good thing he didn’t come out of the car because he could have been living by that sticker!

  18. Chris @ Maritime Attorney says:

    That`s a good one. I even started to search the web for that logo to print out, unfortunately didn’t found anything. However I found another funny quote similar to this ” Life is short, walk your chiwawa naked” :)
    Great post, thx for sharing.

  19. Jeremy @ Chihuahua Clothes says:

    LOL Nice picture…I love sitting in traffic and looking at the wierdos around me.
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