Starfish Microcosm

Another beach photo. When she said she would catch a starfish at Hampton Beach, I didn’t believe it. We’ve never seen star fish there, but sure enough, she caught one within an hour. Here it is before she let it go.


  1. Karen says:

    Hi, I have been going to Hampton Beach on the weekends and have been looking for starfish…I came across your photo and was wondering how you caught that beautiful creature!! I have been going over by the rocks in hopes to find them there, but no luck…Is there a certain time of the day or does the weather have anything to do with it? would love to be able to find one as I love these little creatures! Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,
    Karen, Ocean Lover

  2. Nice to see a Starfish in Hampton Beach. I have heard that Starfish are in pink, orange, red or grey. By any chance is there any white starfish?

    I have also heard that these are colored because they have special cells in their skin called chromatophores (he name is formed by chromos “color” + phoros “carry”). There are different chromatophores with different pigments, typically reddish-violet-blue, orange-yellow, brown-black. These cells and the pigments they contain can be condensed (so that the colors are stronger), or dispersed (weaker colors); the combination of condensed or dispersed pigments of different types result in the colors displayed by these animals.

    Some are truly spectacular!

  3. James Lee says:

    Kathy - I’ll ask V to post here with her experiences… she is the one who found it.

  4. Vishal @ Oxfordshire Accountants says:

    The falling water-drop looks amazing!
    @kathy…that’s some useful general knowledge you passed around!

  5. Vivienne says:


    I found this one floating in the water, but I met another girl there who found a smaller one underneath a rock. Try flipping rocks over, because that’s where they like to chill out.

  6. Armie @ Fotograf says:

    i am amazed both the starfish and the falling drops of water…perfect shot.

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