Another shot for the scavenger hunt (May), the category was “About a Girl.”

This shot came in the top three, so I was pretty excited. I actually zoomed out a bit for that submission.

Here are the rest of the photos for that category.


  1. James Moralde says:

    Never ceases to amaze me - how seemingly trivial things like a nail being polished when given a closer look through a professional photographer’s lens becomes something ‘different’. Hey, if the slideshow was shown in ‘first to last’ order, then that pic of a bunch of feminine pads also made it in the top three. Cool. :)

  2. The highlights in the brush are great! My eye was immediately drawn to the brush.

  3. Actually - the order on the slide show is the most recent submission to the first submission. In other words, I uploaded my photo last… but I like that photo, too. Here are the first and second place finishers (mine was third).

    The brush really popped. I was pleased with the contrast, light, et cetera.

  4. Brilliant James Brilliant!
    I agree with James Moralde totally.

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