Do you jump every time the Perfection game pops?

I had fun trying to time this photo. I tried different camera angles, but the game doesn’t actually send them too high, so I had to get low to show that they were flying.


  1. # 1 fan says:

    No, but I used to jump when my dad said to, and ask “how high” on the way up. Does that count? lol

  2. Karen says:

    Now there’s a blast from the past, do they actually still make this game. Nice caught with your shutter speed ;)
    Karen recently posted Who’s the Band – Dysfunctional Kid

  3. Vishal @ Accounting Outsourcing says:

    That’s really a blast from my past..i remember some wonderful time I had with my folks and siblings…and yes, i used to go pop just like that…

  4. I jump EVERY time!

  5. wgallahue says:

    What type of structure is it? It looks like in a pedestal some horse are standing. But exactly is not clear. You can use Sony cameras in Sweep Panorama mood, then you can may get perfect picture.
    wgallahue recently posted 3 Great Ideas for 2011 Business Blog Posts

  6. Jemma says:

    Vous devez être beaucoup de temps qu’il a fallu pour prendre une telle photo. Vous êtes fait! J’ai essayé une fois de photographier les jetons tombant sur une table, mais je n’ai pas eu assez de patience. Je vais essayer un jour de réaliser mes plans.

    Editor’s note / Google translation:

    You must be a lot of time it took to take such a photo. You’re done! I once tried to photograph the chips falling on a table, but I did not have enough patience. I’ll try one day to realize my plans.

  7. Jessica says:

    Haha, I remember this games! I would never dare playing it now-a-days though, its a one way ticket to higher cortisol levels, lol. I’d love to have someone examine their cortisol levels before and after playing this games, I personally like to lead a stress free life and just the sight of this game makes me cringe, eeeekk! Great photo timing though, I’d like to know what type of camera and lens you used to take it, SLR I’m sure… am I correct?
    Jessica recently posted LSAT Prep Course

  8. Tony says:

    That’s awesome! I totally remember that game and it brought back some memories. Photography can be anything that the photographer wants it to be. That’s what makes photography so great, it’s up to the individual to capture the moments.

  9. Sandy says:

    OMG I used to love this game! My mother hated it so we never had our own, I had to be satisfied by playing it at my friends’ houses.
    Sandy recently posted Nice Cost For Transmission Repair photos

  10. I had not heard of the perfection game. I had to google it. One clever thing to do would be a sound sensor in a dark room with a flash. This way it would activate automatically. Or you could use multi frame screen at lower res and higher speed.

    Great photo though.

  11. This is just like crocodile dentist. Love it, good find!

  12. Karim says:

    I have never played this game, altho I have played similar games in Sweden when I was a kid. You should post your pictures on stockxchange sites since they are really fantastic and unique.
    Karim recently posted 5 Steg till bättre munhälsa – Tandvård Göteborg

    • Nabil says:

      I’m with this guy.

      Never really been playing this game before, but I’ve played similar games a number of times before over here — in cold, cold Sweden.

      As for the picture, it’s fantastic! I truly love it :)

  13. Morgan @ Black Mold Removal says:

    I never heard it like this games before but I used to play games in social networking sites. Well, anyways the picture was very unique and I love the way you shoot it. Keep shooting and sharing, my great pleasure to be here and Thank you!

  14. Kyle @ Orlando Dentist says:

    That brought back a few old memories, I nearly completely forgot about this game! Nice pic.

  15. Wendell Beardon says:

    I never knew this game before because it seems that it is old game and I definitely don’t know how to play this. Lol! I love the picture and it is truly beautiful.
    Wendell Beardon recently posted How To DanceMy Profile


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