Apple Tree

This pic is a few weeks old; the tree’s blossoms have filled out, leaves are now covering it.

I’ve been posting a lot of “older” photos the last week. I have a new computer, and am still in the process of moving everything over, including my photo editing software and photos. I have a 1 TB hard drive now, so plenty of space. For a while, at least. ;-)

I hope to start moving pictures later today, and get Lightroom installed in the next day or so.


  1. Karen says:

    It’s such a haunting picture, but I love it, I love the way it seems to be a silhouette in an “after the storm” background ;)
    Karen recently posted Saturday Six – Holiday Destinations

  2. Kragor says:

    The colors are very calm hmm and i have a feeling the resolution is so much bigger then what you show Oo isn’t it possible to put zoom live on the photo Oo?
    i like it very much.
    Kragor recently posted Hardwood Parquet team

  3. NT says:

    1 terabyte is more than enough space… previously i was also facing space problem then i bought an external hard drive of 512 GB now, there is lot of space for my pictures… :D

    anyways, i like the pictures, it is first time i came to your blog and i like your photography skills …

  4. Gaurav says:

    i like picture every much, even i took a same kind of picture about an year ago… check out….
    Gaurav recently posted Spring Back

  5. Vishal @ Oxfordshire Accountants says:

    I’ve got only 1 word for this : ‘tranquil’

  6. lynne @ petite dresses says:

    This phot reminds me of the photo on the front of U2s The Joshua Tree. Really striking.

  7. dslr ireland says:

    lynne i thought the same ;dd I’m big fan of U2

    and about your picture, it’s mysterious somehow, but i like it :)

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