Realized that I hadn’t shared any of the “regular” daffodils yet, and while they’ve been with us for over a month, they’re finishing up their run at present.


  1. Benjamin @ Customer Feedback says:

    James, the first pic has got an incredible bokeh. Amazing. The 50mm prime is the best lens IMHO. Cheap and provides great features. extraordinary.

  2. PG says:

    Love the yellow on blue in the last photo.

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  3. What a great Pic

  4. James says:

    Thanks, all. I led with my favorite photo, and Benjamin, I have to agree. Dollar for dollar, there is not a finer lens available. I use it for more than half my shots these days.

  5. Vishal @ Witney Accountants says:

    Beautiful photos James. Honestly, I think you could have captured the daffodils better what with the micro lens. However, you are dfoing a wonderful job at clicking micro objects. NicE!

  6. Bilder Kunst says:

    Hhm, the first pictures are not so good. But the last one is really great. I think that this quite normal that not every picture can be the best shot. Really nice work! Great!

  7. lynne @ shower light says:

    I actually love the first photo, I think it’s a great angle. And the yellow/blue combination does look good, as in the last one. I love the daffodils when they come up, but they last such a short time is really is a shame.

  8. stacie says:

    Love the first picture and the last picture but I think the third one is my favourite. Something about seeing a beautiful but totally imperfect daffodil looks more real than the others. With the edges of the petals browning and a little torn, there’s symbolism in there somewhere. Great pics, I’m not a huge fan of looking after flowers but they photograph so beautifully sometimes.
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  9. I love the last photograph because of the contrast between the yellow dafodil and the purple background :)
    Simon Bunting recently posted Light Spout Waterfall

  10. Sam @ Gran Canaria says:

    The first one has a really cool bokeh effect on the picture. You could bumb up the exposure a little especially on the third picture to make it more lively.

    • James Lee says:

      I think the third one needs more yellow in it.

      I didn’t know as much about post-processing when I took these. If I reshot these, they would definitely have a little more pop to them.

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