Couch Couple

There’s a wonderful retailer out there on the internet. It’s called Sock Dreams. Niq, Bsti, and the crew over at Sock Dreams all do a great job of servicing their customers. You can tell they actually love socks. Whether it’s their amazing selection or their excellent customer service, they are at the top of their game in Internet based retail.

I’m lucky in that my wife has devastatingly long legs, likes knee socks, and even will wear them to work. That, and she’ll pose with me for the monthly scavenger hunt clue “couch couples.”


  1. # 1 fan says:

    Missed you for a couple of days… are the double pics to catch up?
    I do like the first of these couch couple shots, nice sox :) ! More, I’d like to reach out and tickle those toes

  2. Like the post but I wish it was brighter so you could see the colored stripes better.

  3. Michelle says:

    Aww that is so cute, they look cute together in their striped socks. I mean, you just know what is happening here and that they are fooling around and having fun. All that with just a view of their feet.

  4. the striped socks remind me of These are nice photos however.

  5. Very cute photos. I agree with PG though. I wish it was brighter, I feel like the stripes are the main part of this shot and should stand out more.

  6. The stripes are pretty muted, but they’re that way in real life, too… dark gray and black. :)

  7. I have some purple stripey socks too, just over the knee length, I love them as does my partner.

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