Please help: Which picture says “Airport” to you?

Looking for opinions on my airport photos… which one says “airport” to you?

The first photo we’ll call number one, with the last one number seven.

Bonus question: Do you recognize this airport? Where was I when I snapped these photos?


  1. # 1 fan says:

    I’m late to a meeting, but had to look……….
    A: “all of the above” :-/

    Bonus: Manchester, NH. (the trees look familiar :) Otherwise, too many chairs, so I’m probably wrong, airport trees are definitely pretty generic!

    • # 1 fan says:

      OK, all you working stiffs out there, laugh at me and then forgive me…. I had the leave the house, dressed and ready for the day at… drum rolllllllllllllllllllllll: 8 AM today. My body didn’t quite know how to respond to anything but a slow beginning on the elliptical at such an early hour and certainly my brain was not working well and I didn’t read the Q as a real Q but as a “test”, ie, who can recognize an airport…. yeah, pathetic.
      I go for pic # one for reasons cited by Shane….
      and say for UK and other European airports currently you’d have to digitize hundreds more people for pic # 2. But maybe they all went home or to other more interesting & fun places; I certainly hope so!!

  2. James says:

    All of the above doesn’t help me! :-)

    “Airport” is one of the clues for the scavenger hunt this month, and I’m not sure which picture to submit…

  3. Shane from Photography By Shane says:

    I’d absolutely go with the first.

    Luggage, crew member(s), what could be passengers, and the blurred motion conveys the hustle and bustle you’d expect.

    The others could quite easily be mistaken for something else (like a bus or train station). My 2 cents :)

  4. Mark Stevens says:

    I think the first image is the winner, but #4 deserves an “honorable mention”.
    .-= Mark Stevens´s last blog ..Researching the Ruby’s =-.

  5. Gill aka Fairy Nuff says:

    Thought I was the only MSH indecisive.

    All those empty seats are fair;y consistent with UK airports at present! I rather like the second one, and the last but one, but I think the first one just gets it for me.

  6. Michelle from Static Window Cling says:

    I’d say the 4th one. I like how there is a lone black chair amidst all the brown ones. I usually get to wit in places like that so it’s the most that I can relate to my stay at an airport.

  7. James M. says:

    Only the last picture doesn’t say ‘airport’ because the plane is off the ground already. For submission purposes, I’d go for the first picture. Airports always makes me conjure of a 24/7 ‘busy’ scene. So, if I were to choose, I’d choose a photo with more people and more ‘motion’.
    .-= James M.´s last blog ..Unable To Start the File System Shield. Shield Unreachable =-.

  8. Ryan Cowles from Metacom Creative says:

    Some really nice shots here James! The pictures of the empty chairs are really nice. The lighting, the composition.. Tip of my hat to you!

    As for the theme of airport though, I would go with the first or second. I like the idea of motion in the first one, and it really fits my perception of the word. The second is nice as well, I think I’ve been the guy sitting on the ground before, haha.

    I’m wondering how you got such nice shots in an airport as well. I’ve been asked to leave a lot of places for taking pictures, and I figured an airport would be the worst!
    .-= Ryan Cowles @ Metacom Creative´s last blog ..Lomography SuperSampler Review and Photo’s =-.

  9. James says:

    @Alex - I asked for help because this is for the photography scavenger hunt on Flickr, and wanted to know what my viewers might think really represented the clue. I try to avoid collages for the scavenger hunt because that’s what feels right to me. I try to capture the essence of the clue in one shot.

    @Gill - I get indecisive on at least half my shots. :) I hope your airports are able to reopen soon - what a mess!

    @Ryan - I was expecting to be asked to put the camera away the whole time… especially when I was taking pictures with people in them. It helped that the airport wasn’t that busy. The only time I talked to anyone about it, though, was the picture I took in the security line area. This particular airport (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) has a big sign where you put yourself back together after going through the x-ray and metal detector. They call it the “Recombobulation Area,” and I just had to have a photo, because it made me laugh. One of the TSA officers struck up a conversation with me; apparently a lot of people take a photo of that sign.

    Thanks everyone, for your comments and feedback!

  10. Anonymous from Canberra Phorography says:

    I will go with the first one. It is an obvious indication of pilot and crew members getting in or out.

  11. Vishal from Witney Accountants says:

    Wow! definately the 7th one for me.

  12. lynne from security services says:

    No.1 definately

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