Stupid Computer!

Another photo taken for the March monthly scavenger hunt, I present to you, “Stupid Computer!” I wasn’t SUPER thrilled with this image… with my camera being in the shop most of March, I didn’t have much time to put this together. As such, I took five minutes setting up and capturing the image, and to do it justice I should have spent at least an hour. Still, when the voting came in, this picture tied for second place, so that’s pretty cool.

It would have been hard to beat the winner; check it out:

This was taken by F1uffster. Killer self portrait, I say!

Her image has its own unique CC licensing - click here to learn more.


  1. Congratulations on sealing the second spot :) And there is something i should mention. I checked out the pic of f1uffster in flickr. Man there’s hell lot a difference.. Can you brief us on that part. I am totally clueless on the CC licensing :(

  2. Craig, are you asking what the difference is on the licensing? Creative Commons licensing is confusing.

    I license almost all my photos on a CC attribution 3.0 license, with the caveat that my images cannot be used to promote intolerance or hatred. The license lets users not only use my work for commercial purposes, but allows people to edit my photos (including mixing them with other images if so desired). My only requirement is that I am given credit (thus the “attribution” portion of the license). I post a link to my copyright notice on every page of my site, first in the header then in the footer. Not sure that keeps people aware and honest, but I could kill myself trying to make sure people only use my work the way I say it should be used… and still fail.

    For people that want to use my photography without an attribution, I request that they choose something from my wish list in return. So far… no takers. :D

    Not every photo I take is available this way… sometimes I retain all rights (such as with a self portrait).

    F1uffster’s creative licensing is similar to mine in that you can use it without asking first if you give her attribution for her work, but she does not allow derivatives (in other words, you cannot change her photos without permission), nor does she allow it to be used for commercial purposes.

  3. Love the first one. I feel like doing that to my computer every day! Would be a great picture for an IT company to use on their site.

  4. Andre Nievo says:

    Goodbye PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard . Nice edit on the second picture.

  5. I love the first one, really funny :D

  6. Darren Barker says:

    That hammer picture is fantastic!

  7. Great pics! The first one I think most people can relate to so much - I can’t tell you how many times I want to smash up my computer, only to remember that I need it! The second one is very clever, makes me think that my computer is an evil version of my own mind a little bit! Which is a thought I frequently have before it creeps me out.

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